Bringing AI into Security

Chris Groh
Evolv Technologies

On this episode, we host Brendan McCord and Chris McLaughlin from Evolv Technologies - a startup that is bringing Artificial Intelligence into airport security.

I met Brendan back in October at the AAAE Innovation Forum where I heard him pitch Evolv to the audience. Their approach to improving security at airports is a practical approach that uses AI to supplement human involvement rather than replace it. While there are plenty of companies claiming to use AI in different industries, I was interested in Evolv because they are not a company using “AI” as a buzzword but putting it to use.

This conversation is a little bit long, but we get into some great topics and dive deep into what using AI means not just from a safety stand point, but also from a privacy standpoint. We also talk about how to get in front any inherent bias from the AI’s code. Finally, we wrap up our conversation talking about what the future of security looks like, how to protect ourselves against unforeseen threats, and, of course, recommendations for airports looking to build new terminal or renovate old ones for making sure the security area is ready to adapt.

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Date recorded: 
Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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