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Syracuse Hancock Int'l Transitions From City to Public Airport Authority

After operating Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR) since 1946, the city of Syracuse, NY, is gradually turning the facility over to a public authority: the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA). Once the process is completed, likely by year's end, officials expect to be in a better position to respond to the needs of the three million people in the airport's catchment area.

Gainesville Regional Pumps Up the Perks with Customer Reward Program

It's a buyer's world these days. From "Have it Your Way" to "Because You're Worth It," businesses appeal to consumers' emotional desires like never before. And airports are no exception. Many use rewards programs to make their customers feel appreciated and encourage repeat visits.

Lehigh Valley Int'l Outsources Airport Management

Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority turned over management of Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) to a private operator for at least two years. The move to outsource its top job followed a period of management unrest at the mid-size eastern Pennsylvania airport.

Airports Use Web-Based Software to Verify & Simplify Airline Billing

When external auditors reviewed the books at Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS), they encouraged the county-owned facility to start verifying the reports it uses to bill airlines for landing fees - reports generated by the carriers themselves.

Portland Jetport Uses VALE Grant for Geothermal System

A new geothermal heating and cooling system is one of the crown jewels of a recent $75 million terminal expansion at Portland International Jetport in Maine. The project was a creative first in the industry, because the airport used an FAA Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) grant to fund $2.5 million of the $3 million project. Typically, FAA has awarded VALE grants for the purchase of hybrid carts or the electrification of ground equipment.

Hernado County Adds Contract Control Tower

With private contractors operating towers at nearly 250 U.S. airports, air traffic control isn't a strictly FAA function as the traveling public often assumes. Last year, contract controllers manned fully 45% of U.S. towers and managed more than one quarter of all controlled domestic operations. Such towers cost the FAA a fraction of what it spends to operate fully federal towers with similar traffic volumes.

Professional Accreditation Provides Gateway to Global Expertise

Maintaining a high level of expertise is paramount to moving ahead in any industry. In aviation, however, it can affect the very safety and efficiency of the worldwide air transport system.

Wildlife Working Group Improves Airfield Safety at Southwest Florida Int'l

Wildlife and airplanes don't mix; that's nothing new. What is new is how Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers, FL, is addressing the age-old conflict. Instead of relying solely on deterrence methods, RSW is also using risk assessment strategies and bolstering inter-departmental communication about wildlife management. Last year, its efforts were recognized with an ACI Environmental Mitigation Award.

Airport Movies Take Flight

The movie begins with inspirational music and a single bubble. Soon, the bubble gives way to a bird taking flight, a hot air balloon rising and eventually an aircraft soaring through the air. The footage could be the opening for a feature film, but it actually heralds the beginning of Spirit of Aviation, a 10-minute production designed to promote the Tampa International Airport System - a project that nabbed a Silver Addy award from the American Advertising Federation when it debuted in 2007.

Sarasota-Bradenton Upgrades HVAC & Adds Surge Protection

After a full year operating two new variable-speed magnetic-bearing HVAC chillers, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) in Florida is saving the Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority $10,000 to $12,000 per month in utility fees - an approximate 30% cut in electrical consumption for the recently upgraded terminal.

Airports Devise Strategies to Cope With Three-Hour Tarmac Rule

Passenger advocates pumped their fists in victory while airline officials wrung their hands with worry when the Department of Transportation (DOT) took aim at tarmac delays of more than three hours last December.

Sea-Tac Helps Pioneer Bird Radar

Aircraft aren't the only things flying around airports. In the United States alone, more than 7,000 bird/aircraft collisions are reported annually to the Federal Aviation Administration. Many of the strikes produce costly damage. All present a safety risk.

Lights, Camera, Airports

It's hard to watch Up in the Air without playing "name that airport" (or frequent flier lounge or airfield). But even for industry insiders, it's tough to tell what's real and what's the architectural equivalent of a body double.
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Filming of Up in the Air

Airports Share Healthy Habits - & Fewer Viruses - With Travelers

Concerns about the health and safety of employees, tenants and the traveling public have prompted action at airports worldwide.

Beyond Air Service

Branson, MO, is known as the "live entertainment capital of the world." With 100 shows each day, 60,000 theatre seats, lakes, golf courses, family venues and more, it certainly lives up to its name. And a welcome center in the terminal of Branson Airport (BKG) connects visitors with the myriad of local options.

Branson Establishes New Business Model as First Private Commercial Airport in the Country

That's how director Jeff Bourk, A.A.E, describes the new Branson Airport (BKG) that opened May 11. As the first privately developed and operated commercial service airport in the United States, it's unique, at the very least.
An amazing feat by most standards.

NFL Quarterback Helps Promote Lambert USO at Least Two Ranks

A privately funded $300,000 renovation of the USO facility at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is dovetailing nicely with other airport-backed improvements being made throughout the main terminal. Marc Bulger, quarterback of the St. Louis Rams, teamed with a local radio personality to help raise the funds for the recently completed renovation and expansion.

Indy Raises the Bar for Airport Command Centers

The new $11 million Airport Operations Center/Emergency Operations Center (AOC/EOC) at Indianapolis International is bound to become the envy of airport operators throughout the country and abroad. It's already the pride and joy of the staff working there.

Solar Farm at Fresno Yosemite Sets Shining Example of Energy Efficiency

What began as a small idea to improve the rental car facility at Fresno Yosemite International Airport has blossomed into a much larger project that's expected to save the California airport millions of dollars in the coming years.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Like many airports, Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International decks its halls for the winter holidays. This year, it will spend thousands of dollars on everything from professionally strung lights and wreaths to a variety of holiday entertainers - including, of course, a few hours of Santa's time during his busiest season.


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Fairbanks International Airport Baggage Transport Conveyor Enhanced With Mod Drive™ System

Fairbanks International Airport Baggage Transport Conveyor Enhanced With Mod Drive™ System

Airports face a host of unique industry challenges, such as meeting efficiency regulations and seeking out the best maintenance practices to reduce costs and keep operations flowing. In today’s current economic climate, any potential cost savings can go a long way. 

In 2019, Alaska’s Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) sought to modernize its equipment and operations. They were dissatisfied with the performance of the gearmotors on their baggage transport conveyors and began searching for new suppliers. Regal approached FAI with a solution that could improve equipment performance and simplify maintenance, with the added benefit of energy cost savings: the Hub City® MOD Drive™ system.

This white paper discusses the hardware deployed, the test results and the annualized expectations for ROI.


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