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Readers, advertisers and key members of the aviation community are welcome to nominate recent, current and future projects to appear in AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT magazine and/or on All areas of airport construction and renovation are eligible for coverage, including, but not limited to:

Terminals Parking Cargo
IT/Communications Security Concessions/Retail
Runway/Ramp Ground Support/
Fuel Storage
FBOs Hangars Passenger Transport
(bus, train, intermodal, walkways, etc.)

The best, most innovative projects will be presented to readers as case studies. Profiles will detail project specifics, chronicle special challenges overcome, uncover valuable lessons learned, and highlight potential applications to future projects. Input and perspectives will be included from airport managers and their consultants and suppliers.

The Airport Improvement Editorial Team selects best-of-class candidates from the categories listed above for inclusion in each bi-monthly issue. To improve your nominee's chance of being selected, include specific details about why the project is noteworthy and will appeal to readers. High-quality photos also enhance a project's consideration but are not required.

Nominate your project by filling out this short form:

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