The Future of GA Aircraft

Chris Groh
AVX Aircraft

On this episode we’d talk to Dave Brody and Charlie Johnson, 2 industry experts turned disruptors. Dave is the current founder and Chairman of a new company XTI Aircraft and Charlie is currently serving as the company’s CEO. Both have extensive experience leading the industry, Dave as the former founder of another aviation company called AVX Aircraft and Charlie as the former president & COO of Cessna.

During the conversation, we talked about their journeys through the aviation industry and what the experience is like leading a startup in the industry today. Through their stories, they go into detail what it’s like to start a company in today’s industry and the challenges they faced. Finally, they talk about the new innovative way they are raising money to help them accomplish their mission and what it could mean for future startups in high capital arenas.

For more information about XTI Aircraft, check out their website:

For more information about their funding campaign, check out:

Date recorded: 
Friday, March 18, 2016

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