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Paul Bowers, Publisher

2020 is off to a roaring start. Passenger traffic continues at a robust pace, and construction projects seem to be shaping and reshaping airports everywhere. Here at Airport Improvement, we’ve enjoyed being out in the industry taking it all in to share with you. Here are just a few Picks and Pans from my early 2020 travels.

Pick: IABSC’s Annual BHS Summit. This association has a lot going on! Its impressive gathering in Dallas brought together key participants from airlines, airports, consultants, suppliers and contractors to share best practices throughout the baggage industry.

Pick: Farmer Brown restaurant at SFO, with Pliny the Elder on tap. Yum!

Pan: REAL ID. We’ve got a potential crisis brewing here, folks. This will be a major change for the traveling public. On a positive note, I came across one TSA agent who was diligently reminding passengers to obtain their REAL ID, or soon they won’t be able to fly. But we need more than education; we also need facilitation. Look for an article in our May/June issue about what some airports are doing proactively to prepare for the Oct. 1 transition.  

Pick: MKE’s new coat check service. Travelers departing from Milwaukee for warmer destinations can leave their bulky winter coats at the airport to save the hassle of lugging them along. 

Pan: Crowded, unattended restrooms. We’re making progress; but on any given day, there are still too many airport restrooms in need of cleaning. Check out Page 40 to see how ATL is using technology to keep on top of theirs.  

Pick: The ACC/AAAE Airport Planning Design & Construction Symposium in Reno. This event is growing exponentially, which just demonstrates that great content begets great attendance. Congrats to everyone involved.

Pan: Inadequate airport funding. Passenger growth has put a strain on our infrastructure. If funding isn’t increased soon, we’ll fall further behind. It’s hard to miss, but this is an election year. Make sure that the people who will represent you have your airport’s best interests in mind. And make sure your voices are heard—now and in November.


Paul Bowers, Publisher

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PAVIX: Proven Winner for All Airport Concrete Infrastructure

PAVIX: Proven Winner for All Airport Concrete Infrastructure

International Chem-Crete Corporation (ICC) manufactures and sells PAVIX, a unique line of crystalline waterproofing products that penetrate into the surface of cured concrete to fill and seal pores and capillary voids, creating a long lasting protective zone within the concrete substrate.

Once concrete is treated, water is prevented from penetrating through this protective zone and causing associated damage, such as freeze-thaw cracking, reinforcing steel corrosion, chloride ion penetration, and ASR related cracking.

This white paper discusses how the PAVIX CCC100 technology works and its applications.



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