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No Airport is an Island

Events over the last few weeks have served as vivid reminders of how tightly our nation's airports are woven into the fabric of what happens nationally and locally. The challenge is how we approach, even embrace, our responses.  [more]

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The "10 Commandments" of Consolidated Rental Car Center Design

Over the last 15 years, consolidated rental car facilities have become a new feature at airports large and small across the country. Well-conceived versions bring real value to rental car customers, airports and rental car companies alike.   [more]

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Free Webinar: Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships: Project by Project

Show me the money! In changing economic times, securing financing can be challenging, to say the least. This is particularly true when the total costs and returns of large projects are often difficult to estimate...and equally difficult to quantify and contain. You have heard the buzz about P3; there are plenty of questions in the industry about how it works and whom it benefits.


Would you be interested in finding out how you might amortize the cost of large projects through an airport's operating budget instead of your capital budget? Listen to the experts talk about ways to manage capital planning and risk through a private-public partnership.


In this FREE one-hour webinar, our panel of experts discuss new and innovative financing approaches for airport project funding as well as ways to form a successful partnership. The assembled team of panelists are experienced from the airport, technology, and consulting side. From project planning and financing through execution and analysis, these experts are willing to share their strategies for repeatedly producing results.


Hear how leading professionals recommend this partnership-by-project approach to funding your airport improvements.

This webinar was originally held March 27th, 2014.

Click here to view an archived version of the session in it's entirety: 

Public-Private Partnerships - (03/27/2014)


Web Exclusive Articles

 Web Exclusives:

Rickenbacker Int'l: An Economic Engine by Air, Rail & Road

Ohio's Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) stretches the usual format further than most. In addition to cargo, military and passenger services, it also includes rail and trucking. As such, the airport is a key component of the Rickenbacker Inland Port - one of the largest integrated logistics complexes in the United States....[more]
  (posted: January-February 2013)

No Membership? No Problem

Raleigh-Durham International is putting egalitarianism into action with a private lounge that offers VIP services and amenities to any passenger traveling through Terminal 1 who pays the facility's $29.95 day rate....[more]
  (posted: July-August 2011)

Artwork Highlights Terminals Handmade, Mind Made Themes

In conceiving Terminal 2, officials at Raleigh-Durham International Airport strived to highlight North Carolinas tradition of handmade craftsmanship as well as its mind made technological innovations. Eight large-scale artworks commissioned for the new terminal reflect one or both themes....[more]
  (posted: July-August 2011)

In-House Police Retained & Reorganized at Jacksonville Intl

After investigating the option of contracting out police services for Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) recently decided to keep services in-house, but make some changes to the department....[more]
  (posted: January-February 2011)

Getting a Grip on Runways

Over the last 15 years, more than 100 fatalities have occ urred as A result of aircraft overruns directly related to "poor" runwa y braking action. The key to lowering this number is proper runway friction testing. While accidents like those at Chicago Midway Airport in 2005 and Broome County Airport in 1989 have led to improved technologies and testing practices, there is still room for improvement....[more]
  (posted: January-February 2011)




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