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Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Jacobsen Daniels

We sat down with Chris Spaulding from Jacobsen Daniels to talk about young professionals and how firms can be more deliberate about engaging its young professionals. #ACC41

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Signature Flight

Signature Flight is doing an incredible job working with organizations that make the communities around them better. We talked with George Davis for updates.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Coffman Associates

Coffman Associates specializes in planning, and that singular focus means they are very tuned in to what their clients need. #airports19

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Arconas

Why does airport seating matter so much? Well, for one, airport customer satisfaction scores reflect these high-touch passenger amenities. Lynn Gordon, VP at Arconas, tells us more.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Xovis

Numerous airports and system integrators in the retail sector and other industries count on Xovis; their customers measure KPIs such as footfall, queue length and waiting times to optimize customer experience and increase revenue.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Paige DataCom

Paige DataCom talks here about GameChanger, a cable that pulls and terminates like a CAT6 but can deliver 1Gbps and PoE+ over 200 meters. #ACC41

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: featuring Mead & Hunt

What is the secret to staff retention and attraction? Mead & Hunt VP Jon Fauscher tells Airport Improvement how they cultivate a culture of inclusivity. #acc41

From the Show Floor: Featuring Daktronics

Daktronics manufactures electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems and large screen video displays. Casey Williamson, based in Denver, gave us the update on the show floor at AAAE annual.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Simpleway

Who is Simpleway? It is an internationally renowned provider of customized unified passenger information platform used at airports, railways, marine ports and within public transportation networks. This demo from the 2019 AAAE annual event will explain it...simply.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring BYD

BYD has been the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer for the past three years running, in both consumer and commercial/industrial electric vehicles. 

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring SSi

Lorena de Rodriguez talks to Airport Improvement about SSi and the learning trends they're seeing.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring ADB Safegate

ADB SAFEGATE is a leading provider of solutions that boost efficiency, improve safety, raise environmental sustainability and reduce operational costs for airports and airlines worldwide. The company partners with airports and airlines worldwide to increase airport performance, from approach to departure.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Krista Tapley of Arconas

Krista Tapley from Arconas tells us why it’s important to get young professionals and even as far back as high school students excited about aviation. #airports19

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: featuring View, Inc

View, Inc. is an American glass-manufacturing company that produces a smart glass based on electrochromism. Kristi Crase told us more about how their glass improves passenger comfort and employee productivity while we were at the annual ACI-NA conference.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Burns Engineering

What are airports investing in today, and why? Brian Phillips of Burns Engineering answers that question in our latest episode.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring McFarland Johnson

McFarland Johnson, based in Binghamton, NY, is a 100% employee-owned multidisciplinary planning, design, and construction administration firm. What does that mean for its clients? Senior VP Chad Nixon lays it out.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Douglas Hofsass of PASSUR Aerospace

PASSUR Aerospace has a new platform called Ariva, which allows users to predict, prevent, and manage disruption. One of the platforms we have written about is the diversion management software that DFW uses to proactively manage diversions throughout the region.


Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Stratachache

Stratacache launched a Transportation Division in 2018, led by digital signage veteran Mark Mayfield. In the first year of the division’s creation, the company competed projects at airports in Providence, RI; Spokane, WA; and Fort Myers, FL. Listen to our interview with Mark here! #airports19

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Kevin Burke with ACI-NA

President and CEO of ACI-NA Kevin Burke told us what he sees in his crystal ball for airports and why Grand Rapids is the perfect place for #Airports20.

Seattle-Tacoma International Modernizes, Expands North Satellite

Todd Danielson, editorial director of Informed Infrastructure, interviews via webcam Ken Warren, program leader of the North Satellite Modernization project for the Seattle Tacoma International Airport.


Integration of GIS with CMMS & EAM Systems

A growing number of Airports, Warehouses, private and public utilities today are implementing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems. In 2019, the CMMS software market was worth $0.92 billion. By 2027, it is expected to reach $1.77 billion, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.58% during 2020-2027.

This developing interest in asset and maintenance management is driven by the multiple benefits that an EAM system and a CMMS offer in terms of prolonging the useful life of maturing infrastructure, and assets. On the other hand, a geographic information system (GIS) offers exceptional capabilities and flexible licensing for applying location-based analytics to infrastructures such as airports, roadways, and government facilities.
Both GIS and CMMS systems complement one another. For companies looking to increase the return on investment (ROI) on their maintenance efforts, integrating a GIS with a CMMS platform is an expected headway that can considerably improve the capabilities of their maintenance crew and give them the best results.
This whitepaper takes a closer look at the definitions and benefits of GIS, EAM, and CMMS. Moreover, it sheds light on some important considerations associated with the integration of GIS with an EAM system and CMMS. It also presents a powerful solution to streamline the integration process.


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