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Tallahassee Int’l Adds Second Solar Farm & Creates Sustainability Master Plan

Tallahassee Int’l Adds Second Solar Farm & Creates Sustainability Master Plan
Tallahassee International Airport (TLH) is always looking for ways to incorporate “green” elements into its infrastructure development projects and daily operations. It was home to the first solar farm in Tallahassee, and airport officials are redoubling their efforts with another, even larger, farm.

Vancouver Int’l & Yakima Air Terminal-McAllister Field Share Tips for Managing Wildlife

Like oil and water, wildlife and aircraft just don’t mix. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that civilian aircraft suffered 13,000 wildlife strikes at 662 U.S. airports in 2016 alone. While many incidents are minor, some have devastating consequences. Between 1990 and 2016, wildlife strikes resulted in 262 human fatalities at U.S. airports, and 247 civil aircraft were destroyed or damaged beyond repair.

New York State Earmarks $200 Million for Airport Development, Holds Project Competition to Disperse Funds

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has put the state’s money where its airports are. Recognizing and emphasizing the importance of air transportation to general economic prosperity, the governor launched the $200 million Upstate Airport Economic Development and Revitalization Competition in 2016.

Merritt Island Airport Builds Seagrass Island, Restores Saltwater Marsh to Add New Runway Safety Area

Merritt Island Airport Builds Seagrass Island, Restores Saltwater Marsh to Add New Runway Safety Area
In the course of meeting FAA design standards for runway safety areas, Merritt Island Airport (COI) upgraded its previous grass safety zone and completed four associated environmental mitigation projects in 2016. Apparently, management’s above-and-beyond philosophy also extends to construction administration, as crews finished the $4.8 million initiative $700,000 under budget and one month ahead of schedule.

Workshops by Florida Airports Council Provide In-Class & On-Field Lessons

Florida is not just filled with beaches and tourist attractions. Thanks to the Florida Airports Council, it's also brimming with free professional development opportunities for maintenance and airfield personnel.

T.F. Green Airport Combines Science & Nature for Green Deicing Treatment

As manager of environmental programs for the authority that operates T.F. Green Airport (PVD), Jay Brolin is intimately familiar with all things, well, "green." Broadly versed in a wide variety of sustainability methods, his vast knowledge base recently expanded to include a thorough understanding of-and unique alliance with-bugs.

Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l Achieves Carbon Neutrality With Holistic Environmental Practices & Partnerships

Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l Achieves Carbon Neutrality With Holistic Environmental Practices & Partnerships
During the last decade, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has amassed a host of awards for its eco-friendly programs. One recent accolade both punctuates and encompasses the entire lot: carbon neutrality, as recognized by the Airport Carbon Accreditation program of Airports Council International.

Troy Municipal Overcomes Environmental & Cost Issues With Alternative Instrument Landing System Antenna

To continue supporting high levels of general aviation and military activity, Troy Municipal Airport at N. Kenneth Campbell Field (TOI) completed a bevy of requisite steps to begin the extension of its primary runway. Permits and land were acquired, the site was prepped and new pavement was installed.

FedEx & Cryotech Partner to Develop Greener Deicing Fluid for Cargo Ops at Memphis Int'l

Some say it takes a village to raise a child. Along the same lines, it took an airport, a product manufacturer and a delivery service giant to decrease the environmental impact of aircraft deicing operations at the busiest cargo airport in the United States.

Washington Dulles Tames 2016 Snowzilla With Lessons Learned From 2010 Snowmageddon

Last winter was particularly rough on Washington, D.C., and its airports. Winter Storm Jonas, or "Snowzilla" as local media dubbed it, dumped 29.3 inches of snow on Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)-the largest amount from an individual storm in the airport's 70-plus-year history. The storm began midday on Friday, Jan. 22, and raged for 36 grueling hours.

Dayton Int'l Teams with Local Audubon Center to Discourage Birds from Flight Paths

It's no secret that aircraft and birds don't play well together. Dayton International (DAY), Ohio's third-largest airport and the historic birthplace of aviation, strives to keep the peace on its airfield by separating the two populations from one another.

Logan Int'l Heeds Warnings & Prepares for Potential Flooding

The last few times Boston got clobbered by a hurricane, damage was mitigated because the associated storm surge struck the coast at low tide. But when Hurricane Sandy's powerful surge pounded New York and New Jersey in 2012, officials at Boston's Logan International Airport (BOS) realized they might not always be so lucky. As then-mayor Thomas Menino pointed out, Sandy missed high tide in Boston by just five hours.

FAA Funds Green Projects at Chattanooga Metro

About 40 years ago, Walter Cronkite characterized Chattanooga, TN, as one of the dirtiest cities in America. Since then, officials have worked to transform it into one of the cleanest, and the airport fully supports its goals of environmental stewardship and sustainability, notes Terry Hart, president and CEO of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA).

La Crosse Municipal Restores Wetlands, Saves Fishery to Extend Taxiway

Extending a taxiway can be a fairly straightforward project: crews prepare land, pour concrete and, voila, it's ready for traffic.

NE Florida Regional Lands First FAA Funding for Sustainability Management Plan

Situated near the Atlantic shoreline, Northeast Florida Regional Airport (NFRA) in St. Augustine has proactively implemented environmental sustainability initiatives to protect its natural resources for years. By expanding its scope to include vital operations benchmarks, officials believe that a com prehensive sustainability plan will translate to strategic long-term organizational success.

Sea-Tac Expands Recycling Program to Off-Aircraft Materials

Recycling pays. But that's not the only reason Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is spending $1.5 million to integrate off-aircraft materials into its already award-winning recycling program.

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