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Digital Taxi Dispatching at San Diego Int’l Frees Up Land, Reduces Traffic Congestion

Digital Taxi Dispatching at San Diego Int’l Frees Up Land, Reduces Traffic Congestion
Airport operators short on usable real estate might want to check out what’s happening at San Diego International (SAN), an airport that is boxed in by both land and water. Using a digital system to dispatch taxis has allowed SAN to significantly decrease the land needed for its taxi hold lot and freed up valuable space for other uses.

Cincinnati Int’l Invests in the Future With New Transportation Center, Roadway Improvements

Cincinnati Int’l Invests in the Future With New Transportation Center, Roadway Improvements
​If there is one through line for the new rental car and ground transportation center at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), it is convenience. Chief Executive Officer Candace McGraw describes the 1.57 million-square-foot facility as “a walkable solution” that saves travelers time by connecting them directly to the baggage claim and ticketing areas, and eliminating the need to ride shuttles to get rental cars.

Charlotte Douglas Int’l Rises to the Challenge of Managing Peer-to-Peer Car Rentals

Charlotte Douglas Int’l Rises to the Challenge of Managing Peer-to-Peer Car Rentals
When air travel hit the skids in 2020, rental car companies struggled right alongside airlines and airports. With business slowing to a trickle, rental fleets were decimated by the sale of dormant vehicles. Hertz reported a 40% reduction in cars between the end of 2019 and the end of 2020.

Dulles Int’l Adds Separate Pickup Area for TNC Traffic

Dulles Int’l Adds Separate Pickup Area for TNC Traffic
Recognizing the need to improve ground transportation flow, the airport operations team zeroed in on traffic from app-based transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Lyft and Uber. In mid-August, IAD debuted what it calls the third curb, an area dedicated solely to TNC pickups. The new system is designed not only to relieve congestion at the curb, but also to make it easier for passengers using app-based ride services to connect with their drivers.

Austin Int’l Modernizes Ground Transportation Management System

Austin Int’l Modernizes Ground Transportation Management System
The emergence of transportation network companies, or TNCs, has been a charged topic in Austin, TX. Uber and Lyft left abruptly in 2016 after a squabble with the city over fingerprinting requirements. One year later, the regulation shifted, and they were back in the city and operating in full force at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS).

San Antonio Int’l Builds Consolidated Rental Car Facility & New Parking Garage

San Antonio Int’l Builds Consolidated Rental Car Facility & New Parking Garage,Mindy Hamlin
When San Antonio International Airport (SAT) launched its $178 million consolidated rental car facility project in 2015, it was a direct response to customer requests for more convenience. Before the new facility was built, each rental car company operated out of its own satellite facility and provided its own shuttle service to and from the airport.

Nashville Int’l Transitions Shuttle Bus Fleet to Compressed Natural Gas

With its 10-year shuttle bus agreement nearing expiration a couple years ago, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority seized the opportunity to investigate alternative fuel options for Nashville International Airport (BNA).

Tampa Int’l Kicks Off Master Plan Updates With New Rental Car Center & Automated People Mover

Valentine’s Day was extra sweet for Tampa International Airport (TPA) this year. The growing Florida facility opened two substantial new pieces of infrastructure to the public: a $323 million consolidated rental car center and a $412 million automated people mover. Both projects were designed to reduce curbside congestion at the terminal, improve customer service and pave the way for future passenger growth.

Reducing Emissions & Operating Costs Sparks Push for Electric Buses

Reducing Emissions & Operating Costs Sparks Push for Electric Buses
A growing number of U.S. airports are replacing their fossil fuel-burning courtesy buses with electric vehicles, spurred by the promise of smaller carbon footprints and lower operating costs. FAA grants that subsidize emission-free technologies and a smoother, quieter ride for passengers also sweeten the deal.

Lehigh Valley Int’l Adds Multi-Modal Transportation Center

Lehigh Valley Int’l Adds Multi-Modal Transportation Center
After years of negotiations, the design of the Multi-Modal Transportation Center at Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE) finally hit all the right notes for airport officials and the rental car, bus and taxi operators that serve the new facility. With the $5.5 million project complete, residents and visitors in Allentown, PA, are set to benefit for years to come.

Automated People Mover Sets the Stage for Less Curb Congestion, New Intermodal Connections at Orlando Int'l

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is on track for continued growth and increased intermodality with the debut of its South Airport Automated People Mover System early this fall.

Bismarck Municipal Reaps Benefits & Reduces Risk With Privately Developed Rental Car Facility

Like blind dates and family vacations, airport projects don't always go as originally planned. Case in point: the new rental car service center at Bismarck Municipal Airport (BIS) in North Dakota.

Pittsburgh Int'l Rolls Out Renewed Train System

Pittsburgh Int'l Rolls Out Renewed Train System
After 24 years and more than 2 million miles in service, the people mover trains connecting the landside and airside terminals at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) are virtually all new and rolling into the future. A four-phase, $11 million project modernized the trains with new underframes and updated interior elements (flooring, air conditioning, lighting, etc.).

Sea-Tac Establishes Environmental Guidelines for Ridesharing Companies

Seattle has long been considered one of the greenest cities in the United States, and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is making sure that the ground transportation options it offers passengers live up to that reputation.

New Train Line Opens “Corridor of Opportunity” at Denver Int’l

“Corridor of Opportunity” at Denver Int’l
From its very inception, Denver International (DEN) has been a noteworthy U.S. airport, but it recently joined the international big leagues with the addition of a rail connection and a striking on-airport hotel/transit center complex. Last year, DEN served about 54 million passengers and was ranked the sixth-busiest airport in the United States. The new 23-mile rail connection and associated $582 million hotel/transit center are expected to boost airport and convention business by making ground transportation and accommodations more convenient for passengers.

Electric Car-Sharing Service Makes U.S. Debut at Indianapolis Int’l

Passengers at Indianapolis International (IND) will soon have a new and greener option for getting to and from the airport: an all-electric car-sharing program. BlueIndy, which launched local service in September, is slated to open a 20-car station in the airport’s parking garage later this month. The new facility will allow arriving passengers to pick up cars at the airport and drop them off at stations near their destinations. Departing passengers will be able to pick up vehicles at stations throughout the Indianapolis metro area and return them to the new station at IND.

Austin-Bergstrom Enhances Service & Avoids Operational Headaches with New Conrac

In October, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) opened a $155.5 million consolidated rental agency complex (conrac) funded with customer facility charges. Beyond creating a new onsite facility for rental agencies, officials also carved out more space for customer parking at the Texas airport.

Oakland Int’l Gains New Public Transportation Link

Getting to and from Oakland International Airport (OAK) is drastically easier for many passengers since the new connection opened in November between the airport and California’s Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) train system. OAK’s financial share of the project was $45 million — just less than 10% of the total cost. “It’s important that we invest in transportation infrastructure that serves today as well as into the future,” explains Deborah Ale-Flint, Director of Aviation for the Port of Oakland.

Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l Partners With Transit Authority to Bring Light Rail Service to Airport

New connections are being made since the August opening of a $36 million light rail station at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

New Intermodal Center at Bob Hope Airport Doubles as Emergency Ops Center

The new $112 million Regional Intermodal Transportation Center at Bob Hope Airport (BUR) shows that access to the Burbank, CA, airport is an important priority. What's not so evident is that in the event of a major earthquake, it can serve as a regional command center for emergency operations.

Airports Caught in Crossfire of War Between Taxis & Ride-Share Networks

Ride-share services entered the transportation marketplace with barely an introduction, other than superlative promises to potential customers and drivers about revolutionizing the way people get around town. Passengers began using Uber's smartphone app in 2009 to connect with individual drivers willing to use their own cars to give strangers a lift, and buzz about the new concept spiked. When word spread about bargain prices, similar ventures such as Lyft and SideCar soon followed.

Miami Int'l Strives to Turn Cabbies into Ambassadors

When Emilio T. González, Ph.D., assumed duties as director of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department last spring, he was greeted with an inordinate amount of complaints about ground transportation at Miami International Airport (MIA).

Salt Lake City Int'l Welcomes New Light Rail Line

A new light rail link connecting Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) to the downtown of Utah's capital city opened recently, making it easier than ever for passengers to get to and from the airport. The $350 million extension whisks passengers to the Welcome Center that connects to the south end of Terminal One.

PHX Sky Train Glides into Sky Harbor & Airport History

More than a decade in planning, the PHX Sky Train at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is on track to begin public service this spring.

Sea-Tac's New Rental Car Facility is Fast Off the Line

Just 10 weeks after its mid-May premiere, the new Consolidated Rental Car Facility at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) served its one millionth customer. During peak periods, more than 1,500 passengers shuttle between the new five-story facility and SEA's terminal per hour. On its busiest day, the facility served 18,000 customers.


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