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Show and Tell: Featuring Plaza Premium Group

Plaza Premium Group just opened a new lounge at MCO and it’s gorgeous! Listen in as we chat with Stuart Vella about the new facility.

Show and Tell: Featuring Honeywell

Honeywell's approach to airports focuses on the convergence of airside and terminal solutions, empowering airports to better address tough challenges regarding safety, security, efficiency, and productivity.

Show and Tell: Featuring CAVU

Kristin meets up with Kevin Shrier of CAVU (Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited) at the ACI North American conference to find out their latest solutions for creating value for passengers and the businesses that serve them.

Show and Tell: Featuring Sean Neasi of ABM

ABM provides services across a variety of industries, including aviation. Starting out as a window cleaning business back in 1909, ABM has grown to become a publicly-traded company taking care of people around the world.

Show and Tell: Featuring Airport Dimensions

Airport Dimensions is a global specialist in designing, building, and operating shared-use lounges and airport experiences. In this video, we'll check out its new sleep suite (currently in Dubai and Doha) and more.

Show and Tell: Featuring View, Inc

What is Smartglass? We talked to Kristi Crase with View, Inc about the benefits of Smartglass for airports.

Show and Tell: Featuring Starglide

Starglide conveyor belts carry passengers safely, comfortably, and economically. In this video we speak with Ken Hamby, who explains why these belts have the advantage over traditional metal versions.

Show and Tell: Featuring Kusch+Co

More than 260 airports worldwide have chosen Kusch+Co for hold room and lounge furniture. Harnessing its vast network and knowledge of office furniture, Kusch+Co continues to increase its portfolio.

Show and Tell: Featuring Park Assist

Park Assist Director of Airport Systems Darrell Brantley gave Kristin Shaw some insights on Park Assist's new products and rebranding, along with an explanation of its latest technology.

Show and Tell: Featuring omniQ

omniQ is a specialty systems integrator with a focus on the design, delivery, deployment, and support of field service and supply chain mobility solutions throughout the U.S. What's their role at airports? Executive Director of Sales John Whiteman explained it all to Kristin Shaw.

Show and Tell: Featuring RDM

Chris Decker of RDM gives Kristin Shaw a few insights about new technology in the field and what comes next.

Show and Tell: Featuring Burns & McDonnell

In this Show & Tell, Kristin Shaw took a few minutes to chat with National Aviation Director Chris Spann about what Burns & McDonnell is doing now to help airports.

Show and Tell: Featuring TransCore

For more than 80 years, TransCore has led the industry in delivering innovative products and services to transportation departments and agencies across the globe. Kristin talkes with Forrest Swonsen about their latest innovations.

Show and Tell: Featuring Interloc Solutions

Kristin Shaw sits down with the Brad Knowles and Paulie Thielen of Interloc Solutions to find out what's new for airports using the Maximo software platform.

Show and Tell: Featuring Contech

In this Show and Tell, We talk to Justin Walton about what Contact does to facilitate the design, development and the construction of cost-effective airfield applications including: taxiways and runway extensions; stream crossings; prefabricated bridges; drainage and pipe options....and much more.

Show and Tell: Featuring Sri Kumar of Connico

Kristin and Sri Kumar discuss strategies employed at Connico for inclusion, empowerment, leadership and retention with today's workforce.

Show and Tell: Featuring Gibraltar

Kristin meets up with Jeffery Halaut at the AAAE/ACC Airport Planning, Design, and Construction Symposium to discuss what's new at Gibraltar.

Show and Tell: Featuring Nanolumens

Learn more about Nanolumens from the show floor at the ACC/AAAE Symposium!

Show and Tell: Featuring Synect

Learn more about Synect from its CEO Yahav Ran live from the show floor at the ACC/AAAE Symposium!

Show and Tell: featuring Burns Engineering

Kristin catches up with Matthew Meier at the AAAE/ACC Airport Planning, Design, and Construction Symposium to find out what's new at Burns Engineering.

Show and Tell: Featuring James Hammond, Airport Seating Alliance

James Hammond of Airport Seating Alliance brings us up-to-date on the new seating products and materials available for use in 2022.

Show and Tell: Featuring Cody Shulman of Xovis

Xovis is an international provider for intelligent people flow solutions for airports and other industries.

Show and Tell: Featuring Ex-Cell Kaiser

This episode of Show & Tell features Anna Cosentino of Ex-Cell Kaiser. Kristin and Anna discuss new marketing and branding options for waste receptacles in airport concourses.

Show and Tell: Featuring Selex ES, a Leonardo Company

In this Show and Tell edition, we discuss new innovations at Selex ES with Nate Maloney. Selex ES is a Leonardo Company.

Show and Tell: Featuring Jabbrrbox and MAG USA

In this episode of Show and Tell, we discuss a new concourse privacy product collaboration with Jeremy Dalkoff from MAG USA and Jeremy Jennings from Jabbrrbox.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Kueper Blades

For over 50 years, Kueper Blades, based in Charleston, NC, has been serving the continent with high-quality snow blades.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Agati Furniture

Learn more about airport seating and the psychology of gold room design from Joe Agati of Agati Furniture.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Luke Reed with Heico Fastening Systems

HEICO's products are found on large commercial aircraft, regional, business and military aircraft, as well as on a large variety of industrial turbines, targeting systems, missiles and electro-optical devices. 

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: eezeetags and Gateway Business Communications

Dutch company eezeetags develops and produces a unique linerless self-adhesive bag tag, designed around the passenger self-tagging a bag. This technique allows the tag to have a one-picture, language-neutral instruction that makes tagging intuitive.

Show and Tell with Kristin Shaw: Featuring Sherwin Industries

Sherwin Industries has been around since 1938. The company is divided into four divisions; asphalt and sealcoat manufacturing, distribution of pavement maintenance products, airport runway support, and airfield marking installation.


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PAVIX: Proven Winner for All Airport Concrete Infrastructure

PAVIX: Proven Winner for All Airport Concrete Infrastructure

International Chem-Crete Corporation (ICC) manufactures and sells PAVIX, a unique line of crystalline waterproofing products that penetrate into the surface of cured concrete to fill and seal pores and capillary voids, creating a long lasting protective zone within the concrete substrate.

Once concrete is treated, water is prevented from penetrating through this protective zone and causing associated damage, such as freeze-thaw cracking, reinforcing steel corrosion, chloride ion penetration, and ASR related cracking.

This white paper discusses how the PAVIX CCC100 technolgy works and its applications.



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