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Paul Bowers
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Paul Bowers

Like many of you, I've been in this industry for many years. And why not? It's a great industry that really gets into your blood.

All too often when we look at our airports, businesses and industry, it's difficult to pinpoint when direction has changed or momentum has shifted. When did we fall into a recession and then climb out? When did sustainability become so important to airports? When did a $4.50 PFC become inadequate?

In the midst of a shift, it's hard to know exactly how the landscape is changing. Only later can we look back with surety to acknowledge what has occurred.

So how do we know where we are, what has momentum and what we should be doing?

Benchmarking provides some of the answers. Without benchmarking, it's all too easy to become absorbed in a comfortable schedule and routine, perhaps armed with faulty or dated information.

In the lifecycle of a magazine, Airport Improvement is young. It wasn't long ago that the business plan carved out the state of airport content needs, the right editorial to meet those needs and a distribution to target those who wield power, influence and decision-making ability. In December, we embarked on some benchmarking of our own and invited each of you to give us feedback on a variety of topics.

Where are we at? Here are a few select nuggets:

• Three quarters of you still prefer content provided in print.

• Runway/ramp is the area targeted by more airports than any other for 2010 improvements (54%); terminals are next with 49%.

• Over 90% of you take some action as a result of reading articles in Airport Improvement.

• No two projects are alike.

• The industry readily endorses a publication focused on airport project work highlighting the contributions of airport personnel, consultants and major vendors.

The data gathered helps confirm where we are as an industry and what your informational needs are. Our job is to interpret these results and deliver what you're looking for. This January/February issue is the first step.

Thank you for all of your support and involvement.



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Fairbanks International Airport Baggage Transport Conveyor Enhanced With Mod Drive™ System

Airports face a host of unique industry challenges, such as meeting efficiency regulations and seeking out the best maintenance practices to reduce costs and keep operations flowing. In today’s current economic climate, any potential cost savings can go a long way. 

In 2019, Alaska’s Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) sought to modernize its equipment and operations. They were dissatisfied with the performance of the gearmotors on their baggage transport conveyors and began searching for new suppliers. Regal approached FAI with a solution that could improve equipment performance and simplify maintenance, with the added benefit of energy cost savings: the Hub City® MOD Drive™ system.

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