Future Aviation Trends

Chris Groh
Paul Papadimitriou

On this episode, we talk with Paul Papadimitriou about a wide range of future pointing topics. We start off talking about how aviation companies are innovating, which airlines are shaking up the industry, and finish up talking about which countries are building models for future airports.

Make sure you check out his podcast, Layovers on all podcasting apps. Check out the links to connect with him:

Layovers Website: www.layovers.to
Layovers Twitter: @lay_overs
Paul’s Website: www.paulpapa.com
Paul’s Twitter: @papadimitriou

As always, we want to thank Bruno Misonne for our intro music. To listen to more of Bruno Misonne, check out his website for the full album: www.brunomisonne.com. As well as thank, Kutchins & Groh, an airport planning firm that specializes with capital planning and helping airport prepare for future development. Check out their website at: www.kutchins-groh.com.

Date recorded: 
Monday, January 8, 2018

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