Should Airlines Get Back Into Hotels

Chris Groh
Shashank Nigam, Founder & CEO of SimpliFlying

On this episode, we talk Shashank Nigam, Founder & CEO of SimpliFlying. Rather than our typical interview style, Shashank and I have a conversation that is more likely to be heard at a conference happy hour, rather than on conference stage. Our conversation circles around a hypothetical situation of an airline merging with a hotel chain and what each could bring to the table. However, we don't just leave it at an unnamed hotel chain - we're talking specifically about Airbnb (arguably the biggest hotel chain). We talk about which airlines would be a good match for an Airbnb partner, as well as end with our top pick.

We're still experimenting with episode formats and this episode is no different.

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Date recorded: 
Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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