Podcasts Arrive at Airport Improvement

Paul Bowers

My wife, Lisa, is hooked on podcasts. She used to listen to music; now she’s into podcasts. Same for my kids. The episodes are educational as well as entertaining, and time whizzes by when listening to them. 

Just a few years ago, not many people listened to podcasts. Now, they’re one of the hottest communication vehicles in both consumer and business media. From my vantage point, podcasts were one of the biggest changes to serving up content in 2017.

The most popular podcast of the year, This American Life, reached about 2.5 million people every week. Another popular option, Pod Save America, started in early January and had 1.5 million listeners by the end of November. That’s a force to be reckoned with—and a testament to the growing popularity of the medium.  

A few months ago, an aviation podcast producer approached Airport Improvement about teaming up. Would we be interested in helping with distribution? Sure. While just about all of the content on our website is originally developed, I thought it worthwhile to consider what Runway.VC has to offer.

Fast-forward to today, and we now offer you one more way to access information about airport projects. Take a listen. You’ll find the podcast tab in the upper right-hand portion of our homepage. 

It’s our pleasure and honor to be a part of this great industry. We consider podcasts to be another way to connect airport professionals with one another and showcase the best our industry has to offer.  


Paul Bowers

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PAVIX: Proven Winner for All Airport Concrete Infrastructure

PAVIX: Proven Winner for All Airport Concrete Infrastructure

International Chem-Crete Corporation (ICC) manufactures and sells PAVIX, a unique line of crystalline waterproofing products that penetrate into the surface of cured concrete to fill and seal pores and capillary voids, creating a long lasting protective zone within the concrete substrate.

Once concrete is treated, water is prevented from penetrating through this protective zone and causing associated damage, such as freeze-thaw cracking, reinforcing steel corrosion, chloride ion penetration, and ASR related cracking.

This white paper discusses how the PAVIX CCC100 technolgy works and its applications.



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