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Driving the World

The aeronautical sector not only transports people but also drives the world. The figures speak for themselves...

Enhancing Capacity & Sustainability

Sustainability planning and management for airports is not a new concept. That said, as airports undertake projects to enhance capacity, many are realizing quantifiable benefits...

Just How “Slippery When Wet?”

If you’ve developed a personal relationship with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), chances are you’ve had a bad day.

Growth – A Case for Change

It seems that everywhere we go, at every conference, and in every meeting with an airport, we talk about unprecedented growth.

The Time Has Come for Dynamic Parking Pricing

as important as parking is to the bottom line, most airports don’t earn nearly as much as they should.

What is the Right Number of FBOs?

Most of us have heard the saying, “If you’ve seen one airport, you’ve seen one airport.” This is such a true statement. Although there are many similarities between airports, factors such as size, runway configuration, aircraft operations, employee population and the nature of traffic (commercial vs. general aviation) make each one unique. So, the right number of fixed base operators may be quite different for each and every airport.

Can American Airports Continue to Soar?

Promising growth of global tourism and passenger volume has allowed U.S. airports to fly high. But how long can it last?

Crowdsourcing + Collaboration = Better Airport Research

In the spirit of continuous improvement and service to the industry, the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) recently modernized its process for generating research projects.

Social Sustainability: Beyond Community Engagement

Although the industry has made major headway supporting initiatives that foster environmental sustainability, there's one area that has yet to gain broad exposure.

Putting the Design-Build Delivery Method to Work for Airfield Pavement Projects

The Design-Build project delivery approach merits further consideration by more airports. Uncertainty and unfamiliarity are best overcome by education, experience and for some, a leap of faith into the relative unknown.

The Impact of Ridesharing on Parking Revenue & How it Could Impact Infrastructure

U.S. airports must embrace technology and evolve their parking journey with new commercial parking products to address the challenges they face.

Connectivity Options Make it Easier to Access the Airport & Community

As a critical component of America's overall transportation network, air travel must be strong, safe and well connected to where we work, live and play. With airline travel expected to increase by more than 50% in the next 20 years, continuing to transform U.S. airports into efficient intermodal transportation centers is increasingly important. Planning must be accelerated and funding put in place to implement improved connectivity between airports and the communities they serve.

Fair & Transparent Processes Ensure a "Win-Win" for Airports, Fixed Base Operators & Travelers

Our fast-paced economy makes us increasingly interconnected, and the number of business travelers relying on business aircraft continues to grow. This has led to gains for the both general and private aviation industries, which are increasing their role as major contributors to our economy. It has also heightened the focus for airports to choose the best flight support providers.

Will Public-Private Partnerships Propel the Next Big Wave of Airport Improvements?

The United States may boast the world's top economy, but that's not evident when travelers arrive at our front door. Sadly, U.S. airports do not impress international travelers. In fact, not a single one made the top 25 in Skytrax's 2016 survey of the world's best airports.

Now is an Ideal Time to Support Inclusion

More than 30 years ago, Congress recognized the importance of equity and inclusion in airport contracting by enacting legislation to facilitate participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs). In 1987, it added a separate, similar program focused on Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (ACDBEs).

More Than Just Fundraising

When Brian Ryks, former executive director at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, approached me about spearheading the Gateway Transformation Project Fundraising Campaign, I instantly knew we were pioneering a path that no other airport had ever taken.

Think About It

It was early July 2014, when I received word that a commercial aircraft carrying more than 140 passengers experienced a close encounter with a UAS (unmanned aircraft system) on final approach to our airport. While I was already plugged in to the UAS issues that were growing around the country, this hit home and got my full attention.

TSA Screening Partnership Program is Good, But Certainly Not Perfect

In March, suicide bombers attacked the departures hall at Brussels Airport, killing 16 people. In June, dozens were killed when Istanbul Ataturk Airport came under siege. Closer to home, Dallas Love Field suffered a single fatality this June, when city police shot a man who confronted them after throwing rocks at his ex-girlfriend's car as passengers streamed out of the baggage claim area.

The Importance of Disability Compliance

Mamie Mallory is the FAA's assistant administrator for Civil Rights. As such, she is the principal advisor to the administrator on civil rights, equal employment opportunity, diversity and affirmative action. Q&A

A Call to Action on Runway Condition Reporting

Later this year, airport operations will enter a brand new era. For the very first time, they will be implementing procedures designed by aircraft manufacturers, pilots, performance engineers, safety professionals and other airport operators.

Avoiding Winter Woes

Few news reports grab my attention more than regulatory action within the industry. When I heard about airports being fined for activities related to winter operations, my first inclination was to find out what happened so my airport could avoid the same consequences. Then I began to worry whether our industry is somehow failing in this area.

3 Crucial Challenges for Airports, Aviation & the Economy

As I end almost two decades at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - including 11 years at the helm - I reflect on three challenges that will shape the future of airports, aviation and the economy. The first is evolutionary and the second is redefining the U.S. airport system. But the third demands a revolution and, in fact, may be an existential threat to aviation.

It Ain't Easy Seeing Green

Green is the new black. And the trend sees design and construction industry project teams certifying the "greenness" of buildings through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. But the rating for the environmental impact of horizontal infrastructure such as runways and aprons lags due to the lack of a comparably influential certification standard. That has changed.

Are You Complying with Updated Training Requirements for Specialized Airfield Maintenance Workers?

The name Advisory Circular (AC) is a bit of a misnomer, as many are more mandatory than advisory in nature. The latest version of AC 150/5340-26(C), Maintenance of Airport Visual Aid Facilities, is a clear example of an FAA document that does more than advise.


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