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Rare Blizzard Underscores Importance of Teamwork, Planning for the Unexpected at Charleston Int’l

Even during the most bitter winters, the Southern port city of Charleston, SC, seldom experiences a deep freeze. But last winter proved to be a major exception. Winter Storm Grayson shocked residents and effectively closed the airfield shared by Charleston International Airport (CHS) and Boeing SC at U.S. Air Force Joint Base Charleston from Jan. 3 to 7.

Sea-Tac Int’l Partners With AMAC to Support Diversity Measures

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
From Aug. 21-25, 2018, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) will serve as the official host for the annual Airport Business Diversity Conference, the flagship event of the Airport Minority Diversity Council (AMAC). Airport officials are pleased with the strong registration numbers—and the opportunity to advance SEA’s long-standing goals of providing more opportunities to women, minorities, veterans and small-business owners.

New Carpeting at Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport Makes Environmental Statement & Conveys Local Essence

The decision to replace the carpeting throughout northwest Florida’s Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS) was a practical one. After all, millions of passengers had trekked through the terminal since it opened in 2004, and the original carpeting was beginning to show its age. But instead of installing an ordinary pattern that no one would notice, VPS management decided to make a statement with custom-designed carpet tiles.

Sea-Tac Int’l Leverages Competition to Boost Janitorial Efficiency

Airports often award a single contract for their janitorial services. Beginning this year, executives at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) are taking a different tack. They divided up the work and awarded contracts to three different companies, hoping that competition among the firms will improve efficiency and tangible results.

St. Clair Regional Closes Up Shop After 10-Year Struggle

St. Clair Regional Closes Up Shop After 10-Year Struggle
Building and opening a new airport is no easy task—that goes without saying. As it turns out, closing one may not be any easier. Just ask the folks in St. Clair, MO.

Portland Jetport Produces All of its Deicing Fluid In-House

Portland Jetport Produces All of its Deicing Fluid In-House
Airfield maintenance crews at Portland International Jetport (PWM) in Maine had one less item on their to-do list last fall: They didn’t have to order any aircraft deicing fluid for the upcoming winter. It was a bold change for the Atlantic coast airport, which receives an average of 62 inches of snow annually and is no stranger to blistery nor’easters.

How Erie Int’l Bounced Back After 5 Feet of Christmas Snow

How Erie Int’l Bounced Back After 5 Feet of Christmas Snow
Erie International (ERI) is used to sudden bouts of heavy snow, courtesy of nearby Lake Erie. It’s not unusual for the Pennsylvania airport to get 20 or 30 inches at a time. But even ERI’s seasoned personnel were challenged when a lake-effect storm lingered longer than usual and pounded the airport with more than 5 feet of snow—at Christmas, of all times.

Teamwork is Lynchpin of Snow Removal at Reno Int’l

Teamwork is Lynchpin of Snow Removal at Reno Int’l
As the gateway to world-famous ski slopes, big-name casinos and other popular tourist attractions, Reno International Airport (RNO) is under a lot of pressure to remain open 24/7 throughout the year, regardless of weather. Multiple departments band together to face the challenge head-on, but responsibility for clearing snow and ice off the runways falls on Airfield Maintenance Superintendent J. Scott Harkema and his staff.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Int’l Leverages Technology & Advisory Panel to Expand Universal Access Far Beyond Legal Requirements

Minneapolis-St. Paul Int’l Leverages Technology & Advisory Panel to Expand Universal Access Far Beyond Legal Requirements
Video-relay sign language interpreting for travelers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Camera-equipped glasses that facilitate real-time navigational cues for visually impaired passengers. Flow-through elevators and restrooms specifically designed for wheelchairs. Improved pictogram signage to communicate crucial wayfinding directions without written language.

Ideas Build Success at Medford Airport

Ideas Build Success at Medford Airport
Thinking "outside the box" is uncomfortable and difficult for many adults. For Bern Case, AAE, it seems to be second nature. For example, there's a retired KC-97 Stratotanker parked permanently outside the airport fence that serves as a rental facility for parties and other special occasions. In the past year alone, it has been the site of more than 200 events. Then there's the replica of the White House Oval Office, created in a spare room inside the terminal. It's also popular for weddings and other celebrations.

Sonoma County Boosts Airfield Revenue With Automated Aircraft ID System

Sonoma County Boosts Airfield Revenue With Automated Aircraft ID System
Collecting aircraft landing fees can be a hit-or-miss proposition, and many airports accept the problem as an unfortunate industry norm. Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport (STS) is not one of those facilities. After automating its aircraft identification and billing system in May 2016, the Northern California airport has almost doubled the revenue it collects in airfield fees.

Highest-Elevation Airport in U.S. Adds New Deicing Pad

After overcoming space constraints, geological challenges and complications associated with high altitude, Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) in Colorado is thrilled to have a new $7 million deicing pad ready to boost operational efficiency again this winter.

Scottsdale Airport Opens New Operations Center

This spring, Scottsdale Airport (SDL) in Arizona received good news about its new Operations Center. The U.S. Green Building Council awarded the building silver certification for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).

Evolving Requirements for Senior Airport Execs Demand Succession Planning & Employee Development

A challenging management issue is emerging at many U.S. airports: As increasing numbers of long-time senior executives prepare to retire, their next-in-line successors typically don't have the business, management and leadership skills the top positions demand.

Northwest Florida Beaches Int'l Installs Drone Detection System

As the recreational drone craze continues to grow, the popular fad is literally hitting the radar of personnel charged with maintaining the safety and security of airports around the country.

Quality Trumps Bid for Operation & Maintenance Contract at Orlando Int'l

When it comes to bidding airport work, airports and respondents alike know that the bottom line of a proposal usually seals the deal-and eventually the fate-of a potential contract.

SAFETY-First Philosophy Pays Off at Cincinnati Int'l

It's a lofty honor for Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International (CVG) to be the first and only airport with a security management plan certified under the federal SAFETY Act of 2002. But it's a designation that Chief Executive Officer Candace McGraw hopes to share with other airports soon.

Airports Get Their Wag On With Therapy Animal Programs

When some people fly, they bring along lots of heavy baggage-literally and emotionally. On any given flight, there's probably more than one white-knuckle flyer, people en route to potentially life-changing job interviews or business meetings, and still others traveling for funerals or other sad events. Overstimulated children and weary seniors can also be particularly vulnerable.

Local Authority Regains Control of Ontario Int'l

Nov. 1, 2016, marked a new era for Ontario International (ONT), as ownership, management and operation of the Southern California airport returned to local control. The Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA), formed through a joint powers agreement between the city of Ontario and San Bernardino County, assumed control from Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) after a successful campaign to "Set Ontario Free."

Smartphones, Sure. But Smart Restrooms?

From driverless cars to online stock trading by individual investors, technology continues to transform industries. Airports are no exception. In fact, a recent survey from SITA indicates that airports worldwide spent a record $9+ billion on information technology (IT) projects last year.

How Bangor Int'l Stays Prepared for Unexpected Visitors

Thanks to its location in south-central Maine and an extra-long runway from its early days as a military base, Bangor International Airport (BGR) plays a critical and high profile role in the worldwide aviation network. Depending on the direction of travel, BGR is the first or last major U.S. airport for trans-Atlantic flights to make emergency stops.

Peoria Int'l Decreases Bird Strikes With Rodent Control Campaign

Gene Olson enjoys gazing from the sweeping windows in his office at General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport (PIA). Too often, however, the picturesque view is spoiled by birds-more specifically by thoughts of the damage they could cause to aircraft operating at the central Illinois airfield.

Trudeau Int'l Invests in Deicing Services and Glycol Recycling Facilities

Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) has spent the past two decades honing its aircraft deicing operations into a centrally located eight-pad facility that recycles and reuses spent deicing fluids. It also transitioned to using a single common-use service provider. Together, the two entities have invested approximately $61 million since 1997 to improve the safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability of deicing operations at the Quebec airport.

Airports Turn to Equipment Vendors for Crew Training & Maintenance

As snow removal equipment continues to become more sophisticated and complex, more airports are relying on manufacturers to help train their crews to operate and maintain it. Some are even contracting equipment makers to perform major repairs for them.

San Francisco Int'l Makes a Design Statement With New Control Tower

At 221 feet tall, the new air traffic control tower at San Francisco International (SFO) was designed to be functional and create a new visual landmark. Occupying prime real estate between terminals 1 and 2, the tower features nearly 150 vertical feet of glass and an LED light array to provide the iconic look that airport officials desired. At the same time, the tower and base building incorporate sustainability features and cutting-edge seismic technology designed to meet the needs of the airport and FAA well into future.


2022 Charlotte Douglas International Airport Report of Achievement

Giving back to the community is central to what Charlotte Douglas International Airport and its operator, the City of Charlotte Aviation Department, is about, and last year was no different. 

Throughout 2022, while recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued our efforts to have a positive impact on the Charlotte community. Of particular note, we spent the year sharing stories of how Connections Don't Just Happen at the Terminal - from creating homeownership and employment opportunities to supporting economic growth through small-business development and offering outreach programs to help residents understand the Airport better.

This whitepaper highlights the construction projects, initiatives, programs and events that validate Charlotte Douglas as a premier airport.

Download the whitepaper: 2022 Charlotte Douglas International Airport Report of Achievement.



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