b'10 MEM TERMINALSYear-Round BenefitsProject designers focused on three primary goals: boosting efficiency, enhancing safety and reducing the environmental impact of deicing operations. Innovative glycol drainage and collection capabilities provided by Contech Engineered Solutions were added to ensure environmentally conscious and compliant deicing. Original plans included a more traditional concrete vault glycol containment A segregated drainage system helps keep glycol out of storm drain pipes.system. But when the project team went back to the drawing board, primary design engineer Kimley-Horn and Associates ultimately selected a steel-reinforced polyethylene system from Contech.REGENERATIVE AIR SWEEPERSThe segregated deicing drainage system For a Deeper Clean includes:a 2.5-million-gallon DuroMaxxunderground containment vault for deicing runoff,a Type I and IV glycol distribution system with a capacity of 575,000 gallons, blending cubes for more efficient glycol usage, a centralized tank farm and pump house, aboveground and underground piping system and 1.5 miles of trench drains. Justin Walton, area pipe manager for Contech, notes that the Photo courtesy of Meridian Regional Airport DuroMaxx system costs less than a traditional ROUTINE CLEANING OF RAMP, RUNWAY, & ROADS concrete vault and is Removes FOD that can hide in cracks & crevices relatively lightweight, which means installation was quicker and didntJUSTIN WALTONModel 600 HSP Options require cranes or other special construction equipment.Chassis Mounted Magnet removesLiquid Recovery System removesferrous metals at sweeping speedsand recovers standing liquids, suchFrom an operational standpoint, the up to 25 miles per hour. as glycol. system keeps glycol out of storm drain pipes and away from MEMs downstream Lateral Air Flow Nozzle clearsRunway Sweeper, High Speedneighbors. Fluid release is metered into thedebris, such as sand, grass andPerformance. sanitary sewer system, where it breaks down snow from runways and taxiways. and helps sanitize the citys wastewater. The airports new system is fed by two inlets that carry collected fluid into a 60-inch diameter outlet, which flows into the pump house. For inspection and maintenance, there are 36-inch diameter vertical access risers. Airport maintenance personnel can remove the manhole cover and access the system to FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 800.258.9626|TYMCO.COM determine if it needs to be cleaned or flushed.March | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'