b'TERMINALSSEA 37Currently, the arrivals roadway system has four lanes; the planned improvement project calls for widening that to six. Thats where we expect to see significant growth in operations in the future, given our ground transportation policies and transportation demand strategies that were implementing, Bornhorst says. Again, however, is the challenge of space constraints and the necessity to keep all current lanes operational during the expansion. The roadway is hemmed in on the west side by the airfield and on the east by the light rail guideway. We approach projects differently than other transportation agencies, she explains. The DOT or city of Seattle has a transportation network, Curbside accessibility is being improved by adding two more lanesso there are other routes people can take. In an environment like to the existing four-lane road for arriving traffic.this, theres only one route and we have to maintain it. To accommodate the expansion, new lanes will be added roadway project prioritize traffic management. Early transportation to the west. modeling and the goal of maintaining current lane capacity have literally shaped the design and layout of the project.The expansion also takes into consideration the future roadway system, Bornhorst adds. Under the Sustainable Airport Master A strategic redesign of lanes will help various drivers morePlan, the southbound roadway lanes will be relocated to create efficiently sort into the correct access lane for drop off, pick up,space for the second terminal. Through preliminary engineering ground transportation or parking. Additional lanes will createand design work, the team realized that the profile of the roadway more direct access for higher-occupancy parking shuttles,will need to be raised by as much as 8 feet to support future transportation network vehicles and taxis. ai167155743459_ACI-NA-Halfpage-JAN-2023.pdf 1 12/20/22 9:30 AMCMYCMMYCYCMYKAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2023'