b'76 SMF EMERGENCY OPERATIONSbe reimbursed for up to 100% of the allowable cost for both theThe facility was projected to take one year to complete, but the federal share and the airports portion of the AIP funding up to thegeneral contractor, Broward Builders of nearby Woodland, CA, grant limit of $9,830,742. encountered COVID-related supply chain delays that stretched Having a great business partner like the FAA to assist inconstruction to nearly two years. the development of a project like this, and working through theAndrew Urquhart, project manager components of the project, certainly allows everyone to be on theat Broward Builders, notes that Basalite same page and start the project off with a positive note, Suttonmasonry blocks were delayed two months, says. One of the things that amazes me is when a design isand electrical panels took more than a year completed and the constructed building mirrors the drawing orto arrive. A shortage of skilled labor that concept. This project truly did that. continues to challenge contractors nationwide also caused delays, he adds. ANDREW URQUHARTFighting Through Delays Clean and simple materials, including ground face concrete Initially, the airport team leading the project proposed a two-storyblock, aluminum composite panels with integrated LED lighting structure, with the sleeping quarters and kitchen on the secondand insulated glazing, articulate the building facade. Expansive floor. But that isnt what was ultimately built. We developed foursouth-facing windows face the surrounding airfield and terminal, different options, and the single-story scheme proved to be theproviding views of mission response areas.most cost-effective and most efficient in terms of response time and other fire department requirements, explains Enyart. The airport chose not to pursue LEED certification, but the design integrates passive and active sustainable design elements. The new facility incorporates features that can accommodateDeep overhangs shield south-facing windows from the summer additional apparatus and materials as the airport grows to meetsun while allowing in natural light during the day. The California future demands.Energy Code (Title 24) requires new buildings achieve specific PRESERVING RUNWAYSDAY & NIGHTFAA P-608 COMPLIANT FAA P-608-R COMPLIANTHundreds of Runways Safely Treated SAFE Recommended for Time-Constrained& Environmentally Responsible Project ConditionsOver 25 Years Serving PROVEN Rapidly Cures to Runway Safetythe Aviation Industry Standards in 2-3 HoursMitigates Asphalt-Based EFFECTIVE No Long-Term Airport FOD & Surface OxidationClosures & Lost RevenueBoth treatments can be applied on all airfield pavements without restrictions.asphaltsystemsinc.comMarch | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'