b'eight on-duty airport firefighters to use Oshkosh aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles and an eight-wheel all-terrain vehicle made by Argo (on loan from the nearby Hy-View Fire Company) to move people from the tunnel to the firehouse, roughly a quarter-mile away. Airport employees cleared a path for them as best they could. Even our 35-ton, six-wheeled, all-wheel-drive crash trucks were getting stuck, Major reports. But we had to keep going. None of the folks picked up by our department and the Transit Police wouldve survived overnight in those conditions.By Friday night, 44 people were safe and sound in the fire department. The next evening, conditions improved enough for them to move to the terminal.More Calls for HelpAt Transit Police headquarters, 11 officers were on duty. They made their first rescues around noon on Friday. One was a man with medical issues; his daughter called 911 after she lost cellphone contact while talking to him. Another was a motorist who drove off the road and into a deep snow embankment.Visibility was so poor that I walked in front of the two squad cars to guide them back to the police station, recalls Louis Loubert, captain of the airports Transit Police. Ive neverLOUIS LOUBERTexperienced a blizzard like this one. It was like being inside a giant snow globe.One of the other rescues Loubert recalls involved two motorists stuck near the Aero Drive tunnel. The woman called 911 Saturday afternoon and said her car was running out of gas and her boyfriend, who had given her some of his clothes to keep her warm, was showing symptoms of hyperthermia. So six officers headed out on foot. To ensure they could find their way back, they tied the end of a roll of yellow crime-scene tape to a traffic sign in front of the police station and unrolled it as they walked. Officers found the car buried up to its roof in snow. The boyfriends feet and hands were purple and he was drifting in and out of consciousness. AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2023'