b'20 BUF TERMINALSSnow Ops Team at Buffalo Intl Tended to Pavement and People During Brutal Christmas Blizzard BY KEN WYSOCKYThe snow removal team at Buffalothan 40 people in the Buffalo area. But FACTS&FIGURESNiagara International Airport (BUF)none perished at or near the airport. Project: Snow Removal/Rescue Operations is nationally recognized as one ofThe so-called blizzard of the century Location: Buffalo Niagara Intl Airport, Cheektowaga, NY the best in the business, with impressiveshut down the airport, located in the credentials including 10 Balchen/PostBuffalo suburb of Cheektowaga, NY, Weather Event: 2022 Christmas-weekend blizzardAwards for excellence in snow and ice 2022 Passenger Volume: About 4 million from 12:38 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 23 control. until 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 28. Snowfall: About 50 inches in roughly 70 hours When a historic blizzard tested theAn estimated 500-plus flights in and Other Factors: 40- to 50-mph winds, with peak guststeams mettle this past December, it roseout of BUF were cancelled, and the of 72 mph; zero visibility; wind chill temperatures of -20 F;to the challenge in dramatic fashion. Interminal served as a makeshift motel 10- to 12-foot-high drifts addition to clearing snow and ice fromfor around 190 people, including airport People Rescued: Nearly 100 the airfield, the 30-member squad helpedand concessionaire employees, for days Est. Flights Cancelled: More than 500 firefighters and police rescue nearly 100on end. Airport administration quickly Shutdown Duration: Nearly 5 days motorists stranded on airport grounds andscrambled to provide water, food and Snow Removal Equipment: Batts Inc.; John Deere;surrounding perimeter roads. The record- basic comfort items such as cots, Fort Miller FAB3 Corp.; Hyundai; M-B Companies; Oshkoshsetting storm that began on Christmasblankets and pillows.Airport Products; Trecan; Tylerweekend dumped 49 inches of snow in 72Ive never seen anything like it in Assisting Contractors: Lakestone Development; Tophours (51.5 inches overall) and killed more40 years in this businessand hope I Dog Services March | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'