b'54 GSP FUELINGExpanded Fuel Station Meets Heavy Demand at Greenville-Spartanburg Intl BY MIKE SCHWANZThree years ago, officialsairports in multiple recent surveys. Besides FACTS&FIGURESat Greenville-Spartanburgauto parts, cargo handlers at the airport International Airport (GSP) had aprocess significant amounts of medical and Project: Expansion of Fuel Tanks Dispensing System big challenge that needed to be addressedagricultural supplies, as well as other heavy Location: Greenville-Spartanburg (SC) Intl Airportrelatively quickly. The South Carolina airportmanufacturing components. Annual Operations (2022): 51,200 had an ever-increasing demand for fuel,The airport handles all refueling for both Commercial Airlines: Allegiant; American; Delta;and its existing storage tanks could nocargo and passenger aircraft in-house. It United; Silver; Southwest longer meet that demand. An expanded fuelbegan executing its own fueling operations Cargo Carriers: Amerijet; FedEx; Maersk; MasAir; UPS station was imperative. in 2017 to allow more control of the Project Cost: $5.5 million Our airport hadcustomer experience, level of service and Funding: Airport cash reserves been growing steadilyoverall quality. (In a traditional contractual over the past fewarrangement, an airports control is limited Key Components: New pair of 126,000-gal. Jet-A fuelyears, but cargoto what is spelled out in the contract.)tanks, which increased total storage capacity to 450,000 gal. plane traffic has really Timetable: May 2021-Sept. 2022 When the Greenville-Spartanburg soared, states SeniorAirport District began to operate the FBO Engineering & Design: Argus Consulting Vice President and(Cerulean General Aviation), commercial Main Contractor: Attaway ServicesChief Operating OfficerKEVIN HOWELL fueling and aviation ground handling Pipe Manufacturer: Traeger Brothers Kevin Howell. business lines, it put GSP in the driver Tank Manufacturer: Tampa Tank One of the main reasons for the surgingseat, says Howell. If we want to provide Electrical Services: Attaway Services Carolina cargo traffic is that BMWs main autoa higher level of service, increase staffing, assembly plant in North America is onlyprovide certain amenities, or expand or New Operations Building: Cely Construction three miles from the airport. And theimprove facilities, we decide how and Cathodic Protection: Allied Corrosion company has a continual need to importwhen. There is risk and reward by taking Fire Protection Engineering: Jensen Hughes various auto parts to South Carolina fromthis on at the airport, and we fully accept Geotechnical Engineering: S&ME its home base in Germany.the responsibility. Civil/Concrete: Palm Beach Excavation Overall, GSP facilitates $5.5 billion worthThere is a steady demand for fuel with Key Benefit: Significant increase in fuel storageof international trade, and it consistently15 international cargo operations per week capacity to meet surging demand from intl cargo aircraft &ranks among the top 25 U.S. cargoby Maersk, additional ad-hoc charter cargo commercial airlinesMarch | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'