b"32 SEA TERMINALSupgrade and no matter how many facilitiesThe airport is expanding to keepwe put in. pace with growth in the region.Lyttle describes Upgrade SEA as a coordinated series of projects that will allow the airport to maximize use of its existing campus. Planners predict that once SEA reaches 56 million passengers, the existing campus will basically break down. It just wont work anymore, Lyttle explains. Were building these facilities with as much flexibility as possible, he adds. The bottom line is that we play a critical role in how and when this region grows. We dont determine the growth, but we have to accommodate it. We have to build and maintain these facilities.Main Terminal/SEA Gateway ProjectAs its name suggests, the Main Terminal welcomes travelers to SEA. It also houses Seattles hometown carrier, Alaska Airlines. Alan Olson, capital project manager for the SEA Gateway Project, explains that the Main Terminal was designed and constructed in theALAN OLSONmid-1960s to serve up to 25 million annual passengers, and was already strained before the pandemic. As traffic returns, the facility continues to experience congestion, especially at peak departure times. Because of the terminals age, its also in need of an overall upgrade, Olson adds. Parking Guidance Were focusing on code and building system upgrades, additional passenger Technology toprocessing capacity and updating finishes and providing customer service enhancements, Revitalize Airporthe specifies. Profitability Since early 2019, the Port of Seattle (which owns and operates SEA) has been Transform your parking with anworking with Alaska Airlines to meet growing innovative camera-based, smartdemand in the Main Terminal. As a result, sensing system that reduces staffingAlaska is designing and constructing the SEA needs, operational expenses, andGateway Project through a multi-phase tenant fraudulent claims, while elevating thereimbursement agreement. Because of the traveler's experience. critical role the Main Terminal plays at SEA, the airline is using a progressive design-build delivery method to expedite the project. The $500 million SEA Gateway Project will reconfigure the north end ticketing area (where parkassist.com Alaska Airlines operates), expand the security checkpoint and create an updated, light-March | April 2023AirportImprovement.com"