b'TERMINALSMEM 13The location of glycol load stations and installing blendingprotocols based on aircraft type, route, weather conditions and cubes directly on the pads allows deicing trucks to reload withouthistorical data tied to proprietary algorithms. crossing back and forth over active taxi lanes, thus saving time andPilots can use ICELINK to interact with deicing personnel for enhancing safety. Without this design, airport personnel estimatemore instruction and request accuracy and expediency. The that deicing crews would need to cross active taxi lanes about 144web-based system also provides real-time operational data times every three hours to keep their trucks properly filled. to the airlines, the airport, deicing service providers and other The Brains of the Operation stakeholders for planning, training and auditing.Early in the planning stages, the Airport Authority directed Kimley- TKH Airport Solutions supplied the addressable lighting, which Horn to leverage external expertise regarding deicing technology.enables strobing and chasing effects for more dynamic control. Based on the established list of must haves and nice-to-haves,The companys CEDD airfield ground lighting technology integrates the project team selected the SmartPad surface guidance/ with the SmartPad system. The installation consists of more than operational control traffic management system and ICELINK, a1,200 smart taxiway and stop bar lights installed on the east and web-based deicing process management systemboth providedwest aprons of the deicing bay and 32 base stations that power by JCAII Inc. The companys innovative technological infrastructureand communicate with the fixtures. The unique CEDD technology are patented systems using infrared cameras, in-pavement lightingdoesnt require transformers or connectors, making it far more and electronic message boards powered by machine learning andresistant to water and deicing fluids than traditional airfield ground artificial intelligence to guide pilots to and from their respectivelighting technology. queuing locations.Together with the electronic message boards that display Ironically, the high-tech system is actually a lot like an automateddirections, relevant process information and holdover times, the car wash. Built on automated safety systems, SmartPads lightslights provide clear visual commands that guide aircraft into place and signage tell pilots where to enter, park and exit the CDF.for deicing. However, the system is also programmed with specific deicing The power of theQuattro-Jet systemEquipped with the latest BOSCHUNG innovation,the patented Quattro-Jet system, the Jetbroom 10000 Series offers unmatched performances to defy the most severe weather and temperature conditions!Up to 30% more clearing capacity!www.boschung.comAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2023'