b'36 SEA TERMINALSConcourse, you can look right in there and see whats going on,Build-out for Brewtop Social and the and it will draw you in, she explains.Centurion Lounge required extreme coordination as contractors worked above Putting the Up in Upgrades on mezzanine levels while the tenants below SEAs Central Terminal has also seen recent vertical development,remained open throughout the year-long also focused on the passenger experience and concessions. Onconstruction process. We had to get really the north side, Salty at the SEA and, above it, Brewtop Social, addstrategic to minimize the impacts to all of a total of 12,000 square feet of space with food, beverages and athose tenants and their operations, makingERIN GORAstunning view of the airfield. On the south side of Central Terminal,sure that we didnt impact the customer a 14,000-square-foot American Express Centurion Lounge wasexperience while also preserving the consistency and continuity of constructed on the mezzanine level above seven existing retail andconstruction, explains Capital Program Leader Erin Gora. dining tenants.One way the airport minimized impacts was working with concessionaires to standardize their hours of operation. It was a Monday through Friday task, so coordination was endless and it SEAMLESS. was a very significant effort to maintain that positivity, so everyone was tracking to the end vision, says Gora. Additionally, the project IMMERSIVE. team updated all utilities in advance, so there were no surprises when it came to execute the program. ENGAGING. When were all done with these growing pains, well have an amazing Central Terminal to show for it, Gora adds. Direct view LED displays can blend entertainment andMultiple restrooms on the B, C and D information to immerse travelers along their journey.Concourses have either been added or renovated throughout multiple phases. Connect with our Daktronics airport team to learn howImprovements include larger, more accessible our technology transforms spaces into high-definitionstalls; brighter lighting; water-saving fixtures; structural artlike an iconic clock tower. touchless systems; and enhanced art features. DAKTRONICS.COM/AIRPORTS Capital Program Leader Sean Anderson notes that room for the larger, upgraded restrooms was created by reevaluating the use of space in the Central Terminal, particularly airline office space. Whats the first place you visit when you get off the airplane? he asks, acknowledging the importance of restrooms and explaining the reallocation of space. Access ImprovementsIn front of the terminal, the Roadway Improvements Project will add capacity for arriving vehicle traffic. Because of its location, this project is linked to nine different projects, including the Main Terminal/SEA Gateway and Curbside Accessibility and Safety projects.AAAEBOOTH #1204Capital Program CONFERENCE &JUNE 3-5, 2023Leader Heather Bornhorst EXPOSITION DENVER, C0 notes that design and construction of the HEATHER BORNHORSTMarch | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'