b'52 YWGPASSENGER TRANSPORT PHOTO: WHILL INC provides (versus an existing operator) and the scope of service. Based on those requirements, WHILL develops a monthly feetypically with a minimum two-year commitmentthat covers mapping, device routing, testing, training, ongoing support, signage, software/feature updates, public relations support, etc. Renaud reports that in all cases that WHILL has run cost comparisons between its service and an existing traditional push service, WHILL has shown a positive return on investment for the operator.Rosset notes that the industry in general needs to be more accessible in the future. Over the next decade, airports need to Users can pause the chairs along predeterminedgrapple with serious demographic challenges, such as an aging routes to stop at restrooms, concessions, etc.population, he advises. For YWG, self-driving wheelchairs may prove to be a new notes that as airports consider autonomous wheelchairs, there isway to provide more autonomy, independence and dignity to some trepidation about potential risks and liability. I think whatpassengers who face physical barriers. Its part of being an airport were showing with Winnipeg is the fact that there really isnt a riskfor everybodyto be barrier-free, to be an accessible environment factor, he asserts. Passengers are utilizing this program reallyfor any passengerbecause we know each and every traveler is effectively, and I think the risk side of it really kind of evaporates.unique and so are their needs and requirements, explains Rosset. On the cost side, Renaud says that WHILL can show airportsAeroBOSS.infoProject participants are optimistic that the pilot project will help+1 (913) 495.2600that this is a significant customer service that is financially viableYWG meet its accessibility/service goals and make travel more+1 (800) 765.0861as well. Pricing for an autonomous wheelchair program varieswelcoming for all.depending on the number of units, the level of support WHILL Prevent runway incursionsSnowBOSS software keeps airport snow removal teams safer while managing the pressures and demands of snow and ice removal, especially in reduced visibility. SnowBOSS helps prevent runway incursions by alerting equipment operators of a potential incursion before it happens. It also allows team supervisors to monitor and coordinate the work of snow removal vehicles inside and outside Aircraft Operations Areas for more e\x7fcient use of resources. Made in the USAAeroBOSS.infoMarch | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'