b'26 BUF TERMINALSDigging Out six Oshkosh trucks equipped with M-B auxiliary front-mount It took about two days for Airfield Operations employees and anbroomsoutside contractor, Top Dog Services, to clear enough snow for the four Oshkosh rotary plowsairport to re-open. one M-B rotary plowSeveral dozen abandoned vehicles were towed to an emptytwo deicer trucks, one from Tyler (a brand owned by Wausau parking lot. Perimeter roads were blocked by 10- to 12-foot-tallEquipment Co. Inc.) and one made by Batts Inc.drifts. And all the baggage carts and ground service equipmentIt was a huge job to get things unburied and operational, Guarino parked up against the terminal were buried under snow. emphasizes. Thats why it took so long to re-open the airport.It was a mammoth task, Guarino recalls. We had to clear theMoreover, police had to check thousands of cars in airport main runway, the taxiways and the crosswind runway. Plus the fuelparking lots to be sure they were unoccupied. To indicate a vehicle farm was buried; it took a day just to dig out that area. had been checked, officers turned its windshield wipers to the To remove snow, the team relied on:upright position.an MB5 combination snow plow and broom machine The Big Melt four MB5E combination plow, broom and deicing machinestwo sanding trucks equipped with Tarco sandersTop Dog employees played a key role in the mammoth snow manufactured by Fort Miller FAB3 Corp. removal operation. The Maryland-based contractor also brought in three snow-melting machines capable of melting 80, 135 and 180seven Hyundai and John Deere front-end loaders tons of snow per hour,t wo P Series roll-over plows with underbody blades and threeWithout those Top Dog snow melters, we wouldve hadP series front-mount plows from Oshkosh Airport Products piles of snow around here until July, Guarino quips. They didthree Trecan 135-PD snow melters amazing work.IF WE CAN CLEAR ANTARCTIC RUNWAYS,WE CAN HELP YOURSCASE IH & SourcewellThe easiest way to purchase equipment while satisfying your bidding requirements. Case IH equipment available on Sourcewell contract 021815-CNH.Contact your local Case IH dealer for the best year-round solution.RETHINK PRODUCTIVITYMarch | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'