b'14 MEM TERMINALS These technology components minimize verbal communicationPersonnel in the 1,600-square-foot deicing control tower with pilots, reduce ground vehicle traffic and eliminate the needmanage aircraft ground traffic to and from the CDF. The tower, for flagging personnel to position airplanes in the bays. Thewhich is located between the two sets of deicing bays, includes automation allows MEM to dedicate morespace for tenant personnel to manage deicing operations during personnel to the actual deicing operations. large-scale operations. The adjoining area provides approximately Jeff Campbell, president of JCAII, notes25,000 square feet of leased space for tenant vehicle that in addition to directing aircraft, themaintenance and deice operations.SmartPad and ICELINK systems provide MEM with a single point of control andLayers of Expertiseanalysis, providing instantaneous data toFrom the airports perspective, Blue credits much of the projects inform real-time decision-making and providesuccess to early and frequent collaboration. In particular, he insight for planning purposes. SmartPadsJEFF CAMPBELL says that directing Kimley-Horn to loop in a company with a lot surveillance and metering features provide real-time graphicof practical deicing experience from the very beginning ended representation of activity at the deicing facility, which maximizesup being a key move. [JCAII was} able to bring knowledge and safety by keeping everyone on the same page. experience about deicing operations around the world, which was very helpful to the design team and to the Airport Authority, he Campbell refers to the two systems as the standard operatingreflects. It was really important to have that operational experience platform for the modern airport and airline winter operations. Theincorporated into the design.information they provide allows FedEx and other carriers to view their operations at MEM remotely. Airline personnel can see howIn turn, JCAII was happy to offer the knowledge it has learned MEM deicing activity compares to their other ICELINK-equippedwhile providing systems that facilitate deicing at nearly 300 locations to assess overall performance. At audit time, regulatorsoperations across the globe.can access clear, consistent and standardized information, whichFor many years, my team and I have traveled to see most of drives best practices and automates compliance. the existing deicing operations around the world, Campbell says. SCAN TO CHECK OUTOUR FULL LINE OFAIRPORT PRODUCTS AIRPORT PROJECTS. WEVE GOT YOU COVERED NEW LED TECHNOLOGYRUNWAY CLOSURE MARKERSLONG LASTING LED | FAA CERTIFIED | MADE IN AMERICA Graco Line Striper Low Profile Barricade No Tools NeededRunway Closure Markers800.525.8876 | SHERWININDUSTRIESINC.COM Contract # 110122-SWNMarch | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'