b'TERMINALSSEA 39passenger traffic flow as people ebb and flow throughout the day, she says.A rendering of the new facilities portends lotsWith so many improvements in process, Lyttle says everyoneof windows. is committed to maintaining a keen focus on coordination, communication and maintaining the look, feel and level of customer service SEA passengers are accustomed to. Part of that is reminding customers about what lies ahead. For instance, project teams cover construction walls with diagrams and renderings to show what the finished spaces will look like. When it comes to customer service, Lyttle speaks often of his ambitious goals for SEA. They include achieving a five-star Skytrax rating and ranking in the top 25 airports worldwide for Airport Service Quality by 2025. Within the next decade, he wants SEA to provide IATAs optimal level of service at all its facilities during peakExperienced Port employees taking the lead on many programs times. Ever the realist, Lyttle acknowledges these are lofty goals,has made a tremendous impact on project success, Sheerer especially during multiple, simultaneous construction projects.agrees. We are invested in making this work for the Port because It takes a lot of collaborationnot just people from planning,were going to be around for a while, she relates. We appreciate design and construction, but also from operations, airlines,the consultants we work side-by-side with because we couldnt concessions and pretty much all of the tenants at the airport,get our work done without them, but its worth the investment in he acknowledges. But Lyttle is confident in his team, and saysyour own people to get to the point where you can manage these putting the right people in the right place makes all the differencebig programs on your own. at SEA. # B U I L DT OD E F E N DINFORMATION GOVERNANCE Acquisition through Digital TwinProject Information ManagementShelley Armato | CEO WWW.MYSMARTPLANS.COM | 816.221.7881AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2023'