b'12 MEM TERMINALScrews and pilots dont get as much The new Ice House includes the control tower, experience with deicing operations. When vehicle maintenance bays and other support facilities.aircraft were deiced in multiple areas on the tarmac, every pad was a little different, and the process was naturally less efficient. Anytime you have to do a task over and over, such as deice aircraft, the more everythings the same, the faster and more efficient you get, Kelsey explains. As we get acclimated to this new CDF over the next couple of deice seasons, the process will continue to get even faster.Each bay in MEMs new facility includes a 45-foot vehicle safety zone, affording a much wider margin than the FAA-required 10 feet. This also allows crews to stage deicing vehicles facing aircraft, which helps the bays operate at maximum capacity because deicing trucks can evacuate the bays more quickly to allow the next aircraft to enter. Congratulations to the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority on the opening of the 3.3 million-square-foot centralized deicing facility. Our Aviation Team proudly led the design of this critical infrastructure that streamlines the deicing operations for both passenger and cargo carriers, while minimizing the environmental impact.To learn more about centralized deicing facilities and glycol collection infrastructure, contact our experts David Sparkes (david.sparkes@kimley-horn.com) and Nathan Lemon (nathan.lemon@kimley-horn.com) or our National Aviation Practice Leads:J.J. Mortonarthur.morton@kimley-horn.com312.212.8487Pam Keidel-Adamspam.keidel-adams@kimley-horn.com480.207.2670March | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'