b'TERMINALSBUF 25the terminal Saturday evening by a convoy of squad cars, with anwith a wheeled front-loader. But at times, it felt like we were using airport snowblower and a front-loader clearing the way.a spoon to empty sand from a sandbox.Thats normally about a four-minute drive, but it took us almostWe also were asked to try and clear a path from our facility to a half-hour to get to there, Loubert says. The road was filledthe police station and from the police station to the firehouse, with abandoned vehicles. I took a video of the trip and in onehe adds. But we only made it to the police stationWe stopped 15-second clip, we counted 17 abandoned vehicles on Wherlebecause no one could see anything in front of them.Drive (at the airports northern boundary). On Monday, food reserves for the 14 or so Signature employees By Sunday, all stranded civilians and airport personnel had beenbegan to run low. The same was true in the terminal, where transported to the terminal. stranded motorists, passengers and airport personnel were living primarily on food supplied by the Anchor Bar restaurant, which Survival Mode fortunately had received a large shipment of chicken fingers and Meanwhile, employees at Signature Flight Services, the fixed-baseFrench fries just before the storm hit.operator at BUF, also were battling the fierce elements on the 16We had to ration them out to make them last for a few days, acres of ramps and parking lots the companyand supplemented them with sandwiches from grab-and-go maintains for general aviation operations. concessionaires, Major says.General Manager Brian Evaldi says that hisAcross the airfield, Evaldi switched into DoorDash mode and employees primary goal was trying to keep adrove to Wegmans, a local grocery store where his wife is a path cleared between the facilitys offices andmanager. three hangars. Employees were stationed at two of the hangars, so his main concern wasI made two trips and filled the back of my Ford F-250 pickup keeping a driving lane cleared in case anyonetruck with food, plus the back seat of the crew cab, Evaldi says, BRIAN EVALDI noting that Wegmans didnt charge him anything for the valuable required emergency services.rations. The roads were passable at that point, but very narrow. We were in survival and property-preservation mode, heThe snow on either side was up to the bottom of my truck explains. We were able to keep a path to the hangars clearedwindow, so it was almost like driving through a tunnel.RUNWAY FRICTIONTESTING ON DEMANDDOWNLOAD NOW19982023THE ONLY EQUIPMENT NEEDED FITSIN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDYOUR PHONE, OUR APPASTM, ICAO, & FAA APPROVED. NAC-DFDDynamic Friction Decelerometer New GK 5Mobile Application for AndroidFor winter ops use only, Version 2.3 Copyright2009, 2017 NAC Dynamics, LLC All Rights Reserved* with hardened poly insertsDOWNLOAD NOW to protect in pavement lightsfrom the Google Play Store *Message and data rates apply. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google, Inc. Available for use: Android 4.4 and up Kueper North America, LLC | www.kueperblades.com843-723-7361 | info@kueperblades.comIn pavement light mounting and operation must comply with FAA Advisory Circu-lar 150/5345-46 Specification for Runway and Taxiway Light Fixtures 03/02/2016 in order to use Kueper Plow Blades.airportnac.com| |727.538.8744 info@airportnac.comAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2023'