b'8 MEM TERMINALSNew Centralized Deicing Facility Keeps Passengers and Packages Moving at Memphis Intl BY JENNIFER DAACK WOOLSONChristmas came a little early atBut it didnt start out that way whendetermine what elements were must-Memphis International (MEM) inplanning began in 2014. haves and what were nice-to-haves. The Tennessee. The nations busiestTerry Blue, executive vice presidentdesign evolved from traditional concrete cargo handling airport opened a centralizedof Operations/chief operating officer atdeicing pads with painted markings, trench deicing facility (CDF) on Nov. 15, 2022, justMEM, explains thatdrains and a passive glycol collection in time for the busy holiday shipping andthe final design wassystem into a smaller, but far more travel season. The new facility the largestprimarily drivensophisticated, facility. The final design also and among the most advanced in theby environmentalincorporated two South Field crossing worldallows cargo and passenger aircraftrequirements fortaxiways with bridges over a landside road to deice just before takeoff, thus enhancingdealing with glycolto provide landside access. safety and efficiency.runoff and stormwater.That certainly increased the cost,A total of 12 deicing bays serve largeIn addition, the originalBlue acknowledges. But in my mind, it and small aircraft alike, supporting a widevision was for a muchTERRY BLUE was the right move, because of what it variety of trafficincluding approximatelylarger facility because, at that time, MEMallowed for in terms of land use at that end 265 daily outbound flights by FedEx,was still a dual hub for Northwest Airlinesof the airport. the airports largest tenant. Eleven ofand Delta Air Lines, as well as FedEx. When MSCAA originally put the project the bays are configured for aircraft asThe original drawings called forout to bid, the cost estimates it received large as the Boeing 777F, and one baysomething like 20 deice bays, Blue recalls.back caused a bit of sticker shock. is sized to accommodate a single AirbusIt was a massive, massive facility. AirlineThat prompted the Authority to regroup A380/Boeing 747-8 or two Airbus A321/ de-hubbing, however, prompted MEM towith stakeholders, and together they Boeing 737s at the same time. The facilityreevaluate its deicing needs accordingly.determined that the full project scope was also includes state-of-the-art guidanceThe airport and Memphis-Shelby Countystill the correct strategy. The Authority put technology and an innovative 2.5-million- Airport Authority (MSCAA) worked throughthe project back out to bid, willing to pay a gallon glycol drainage and containmentthe design with stakeholdersin particular,bit more to get what everyone wanted.system.FedExthrough 2016 and 2017 to March | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'