b'EMERGENCY OPERATIONS SMF 77levels of energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality. Enyart notes that the project at SMF used local and regional materials as much as possible to support nearby businesses and reduce the environmental impact of transporting materials.Security RestrictionsAs general contractor, Broward Builders supplied crews for concrete, asphalt and paving, general construction and underground cable work. Subcontractors provided labor for other aspects of the project. Standard security restrictions for airport construction required extra workers to monitor gates and escort delivery vehicles. There are quite a few factors that you have to take into account, not only when bidding the job, but when running it as well, Urquhart says. When we were pouring slabs, for instance, youve got 20 or 30 concrete trucks coming in. We had to allocate one guy to monitor the gate all day, one guy to escort the trucks back and forth, plus another guy for miscellaneous stuff. All of a sudden, you go from having 12 guys to having eight or nine because some have to stand by gates. You dont get as much done because you have to allocate manpower to getLarge windows provide crews with valuable views of mission people and equipment in and out. It had nuances that made itresponse areas.Protecting airports around the globe for 30 years.ROSENBAUER GROUP ROSENBAUERUS ROSENBAUER AMERICA ROSENBAUERUS WWW.ROSENBAUERAMERICA.COMAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2023'