b'24 BUF TERMINALSWe put his arms around the shoulders of two officers, who half-dragged him back to the station, roughly three-quarters of a mile away. Had we not reached him, he definitely wouldve expired, Loubert explains soberly. During another night rescue, an officer using a flashlight saw an odd-looking reflection in a street and discovered it actually was the headlight of a car that was almost completely covered by drifting snow.We realized that we were walking on top of buried cars, he says incredulously.Officers had to line their path with road flares, placed about every 10 feet, to help them find their way back to the station. By Saturday afternoon, nearly two-dozen people and a dog were safely inside the police station. Because the station had no food, they were slowly moved to More than 50 inches of snow buried vehicles and caused 10- to 12-foot drifts. MAXXPROmetalpless.com- 1 866 362.1688 -March | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'