b'60 DEN HANGARSThe facility is large enough to accommodate three 737s for overnight repairs. PHOTO: JAMES RAY SPAHN|970-209-5111|JAMESRAYSPAHN.COMWith COVID, there were many opportunities for this project to derail, Fretwell remarks. Thanks to the incredible support, investment and tenacity of Swinerton and Ghafari, and the Program Management team at Jviation we brought AVIATION SOLUTIONS this in on budgeta phenomenal feat.More on the Horizon THAT KEEP PASSENGERSBuilding on lessons learned and experience MOVING FORWARD . earned, the next maintenance hangar for Fretwells team will be at BWI. With DEN, we developed a model that From complex hangar facilities and baggage handling systems tocan be site-adapted for any facility. BWIs luxury airline lounges and arrivals services, you can rest easy knowinghangar will be the first example of that, says that with Swinertons employee-owners behind your aviation project,Fretwell. For example, in Baltimore, the site peace of mind is built in. is adjacent to an FAA NAVAID. So we had to cant the exterior 15 degrees on that side to help deflect radar to the ground. Inside the hangar, DEN and BWI are mirror images; but on the exterior, there are differences.Another point of difference on the BWI project is that the airport contracted an independent team to clear and develop the site pad to prepare it for the new hangar. We learned a tremendous amount designing and building the hangar at HOU. Then, we were immediately able to roll that into DEN, and now onto BWI in relatively short order, Fretwell explains. We have three buildings that will function similarly for our workforce, yet are wholly distinct for each location.For Southwest, safety is first and foremost, he emphasizes. To be able to Learn more: invest in these modern hangars to provide : proper protection is a key part of our overall business strategy. As Southwest grows, these hangars are critical to our long-term SWINERTON.COM success. March | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'