b'34 SEA TERMINALSThe concourse and mezzanine levels of C Concourse will beAt the end of January, C Concourse was at 90% design, outfitted for dining and retail, as well as passenger amenitiesand structural foundation work was underway. The project is including new restrooms, a pet relief area, a public area for liveexpected to be complete in mid-2026. Of note, it is the first performances and new artwork. Sheerer notes that natural, woodsignificant initiative to follow the Ports Sustainable Project finishes will bring the outside in and complement SEAs goal ofFramework, a process it developed to transparently evaluate creating a Pacific Northwest sense of place. The Grand Stairs atalternative, sustainable approaches for capital projects. Under C will provide a central gathering space designed to reflect thethe new framework, environmental and societal impacts inform spirit of local vendor and farmers markets. project design, alongside cost and schedule. SEA also will On the third floor, leasable office space, an interfaith prayer/ pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) meditation room, and a nursing room will round out theSilver certification for the project.offerings. In addition, a public look out space will offer visitors anSustainable features used in the C Concourse Expansion will unobstructed view of the airfield and nearby Olympic Mountains. set the precedent for future capital projects undertaken by the Above that, the fourth and fifth floors house a 20,000-square- Port. Noteworthy elements include: foot airline lounge and mechanical systems.fossil fuel-free systems (heating, tenant hot water and SEA is even putting the roof space of the new additioncooking equipment)to work, with the installation of photovoltaic panels. Its not s torage space for food donation program and dishwashing something weve done before at the airport, Sheerer notes. Thecapabilities to reduce solid waste project team is still calculating the numbers but is estimating l ow-flow water fixtures to conserve potable waterthat the solar installation could provide up to 15% of the powerelectrochromic glazing for windowsneeded to supply the entire building. biophilic design strategies, which emphasize a symbiotic relationship between design expression and sustainabilityMarch | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'