b'38 SEA TERMINALSdevelopment. Bornhorst explains that identifying that need earlycaused leapfrogging the tenants into overflow spaces, they have and putting the infrastructure in place now will save time andbeen fantastic to work with. money down the road.On the contrary, there are some advantages to executing multiple projects simultaneously. As such, all programs are carefully Orchestrating the Overhaul monitored for opportunities to maximize economies of scale. With so much large, interrelated construction in the works at once,Bornhorst cites the airfield and landside pavement programs as the respective project teams cannot stay in their own silos. Itsa prime example. When were out replacing panels or overlaying been an intricate dance, Sheerer acknowledges. Theres a lotpavement, we typically roll that in with other projects, she explains. of coordination amongst the different programs to make sure ourPackaging and combining work provides a more efficient process schedules are not colliding, and if they are, how to de-conflict them. and typically has less impact on the overall operations, she adds. Each project is detailed in a master planning document toCoordination also occurs on the operations/customer service side allow all stakeholders a broad look at the projects happening onto ensure minimal impact to the passenger experience. Our focus the airportand the opportunity to identify where there might beis on making sure were not negatively impacting the passengers, crossover or unwanted implications.emphasizes Sheerer.The strategy were taking is as soon as we know the impactFor example when a bridge that spanned the arrivals curbside or what we anticipate to be the impact, we put it on a schedulewas demolished last fall, courtesy vans were relocated from the and start tracking it so we can make sure to identify the majorthird floor to the departures level. It was a significant change for operational features we need to keep access tosuch as curbside,customers, Bornhorst acknowledges. But to minimize the impact, garage, explains Bornhorst.eight different airport departments coordinated with each other to Amid the structural improvements for C Concourse, maintainingkeep customers and tenants informed throughout the change.adequate storage for dining and retail tenants on the bottom floorsFurther, Sheerer notes that interfacing with other projects is only has been complicated. Sheerer says that even though work hasthe first part of the equation. Then, its how you interface with Focusing on tomorrowssolutions todayRS&H delivers infrastructure solutions today for a more connected future where everyone can thrive. We translate experience into insight to design an exceptional journey.#DrivenToCarersandh.comMarch | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'