b'TERMINALSSEA 35The Port is using the general contractor/construction manager delivery method to execute the C Concourse Expansion. Turner Construction was brought in at 0% design along with the design team of Miller Hull/Woods Bagot. We started them off together, and I think that has been key, says Sheerer. She notes that a project like this is always complicated, but in todays environment with supply chain disruptions and rising costs, it has been especially important to leverage the experience and knowledge of key partners from the very beginning of the project. Fortunately, when this space was originally conceived, SEA had the foresight to ensure that the structure was built for subsequent expansion. While some reinforcements were necessary, and project designers needed to add micropiles to the foundation to support the new vertical construction, that forward thinking has paid off handsomely. Because the space for this project is between the two concourses, SEA will have to guide passengers from their usual path. Our design team has done a fantastic job of coming up with this concept, so that the main path of travel is going to be through the building, says Sheerer. This detour will be encouraged by opening up the view with lower-profile kiosks,Security Checkpoint 1 will be relocated to a shops and food/beverage offerings. So when youre on Clower level and expanded with additional lanes. PROVEN RELIABLE TRUSTEDLeonardo provides baggage handling systems based on innovative cross-belt sortation technology, which enable the highest throughputs & no bag jams while reducing operational and maintenance costs, all in a small footprint. Learn why many of the top airports worldwide are adopting Leonardos technology. leonardo.comAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2023'