b'16 MEM TERMINALSBlue agrees that the project benefited from this closeapplication of the technology coupled with the collaboration with partnership. From day one all the way through to the very end,Kimley-Horn and the Memphis Airport and their desire to be the we had a lot of collaboration, he says. Whats really remarkablebest in the world has delivered a truly world-class system that is that collaboration hasnt stopped since we cut the ribbon the users will benefit from for many decades to come, he says. and quite frankly, I dont ever expect it to stop. As we wereThe new facility was already put to the test when a winter approaching the finish line, our two teams were talking on a dailystorm hit Memphis on Dec. 22at the height of FedExs holiday basis almost as if they were all part of the same organization. push. Because the bad weather rolled in around 5 p.m., the cargo carrier only had to deice 19 aircraft that evening. And the Model for the Future new CDF worked just as it was designed to. The feedback we That exceptional level of collaboration is something high on thegot is that things ran very smoothly, Kelsey reports. The pilots list of recommendations for other airports considering or planningare very confident and comfortable coming into the facility and CDF projects. I think the one thing we absolutely did right is thatusing the ICELINK technology.we had key stakeholder engagement all the way through, Blue remarks.Its working so well, in fact, that Kelsey thinks the layout and design should be a model for the future, especially given the In fact, if the project team had decided to simply follow FAAenvironmental advantages of its glycol collection system. To that guidance, MEMs new facility would be drastically different. Andend, hes already given many in the aviation industry a glimpse of it would not have nearly the level of safety or efficiency designedwhats possible. into it that it does, he notes.You wouldnt believe the number of tours Ive already given, Campbell adds that the entire CDFfrom the remote deicinghe says, noting that even UPS has come to check out the new pad layouts to the operational process standardsrepresentsfacility. Sure, were competitors, but when it comes to these the most advanced deicing system platform in the world. Thetypes of things, were all in it together. March | April 2023AirportImprovement.com'