b'10 MCO TERMINALSwas stretched beyond its limit, serving almost 51 million annualas a guiding principle when developing the passengers in a facility originally designed for 24 million.concept drawings for Terminal C as prime You plan for things and they dont always go as planned, butarchitect for the project. you have to be able to pivot, Ruohomaki remarks. And thatsFirm principal Curt Fentress explains that exactly what MCO did throughout the last three decades as itthe added passenger dwell time in Terminal worked to complete the South Terminal Complex. C made it even more important than usual The Aviation Authority eventually broke ground on the project into create an interesting, exciting, dynamic 2016, with two construction managers-at-risk: Hensel Phelps andpassenger experience.CURT FENTRESSTurner-Kiewit. At that time, the project was slated for 16 gates,The notably different experience for passengers begins but officials quickly realized they needed to bump the project upimmediately, with the arrivals process. We totally changed the to 19 gates in order to keep pace with growing travel demandconcept of flow, Thibault explains. Unlike most airports, arrivals in Central Florida Then COVID hit, Ruohomaki says. While theoccur on the top floor. As travelers enter Terminal C, they get the South Terminal Complex project was considered essential andfull sense of placethe look, the feel, sunshine and palm trees. construction continued through the pandemic, officials dialed itsIts all about understanding that Central Florida experience, he scope back to 15 gates.adds. From the time they get off the plane, they know they are in That type of flexibility has been critical throughout this project,the Sunshine State. Thibault stresses. There have been lots of starts and stops withThe flipped design celebrates the arrival, getting us to this point, he relates. You have to be patient; yousays Bill Brooks, aviation leader with architect have to be flexible based on whats in front of you. of record HNTB. Its a bright, welcoming, attractive and visionary facility.Creating The Orlando ExperienceThe architectural team designed South Because Central Florida is home to so many amusement parks,Terminal C to be a functional, flexible facility beaches, eco-tourism attractions and convention facilities, MCOthat also contributes to the Authoritys sense attracts a variety of travelersand many have longer-than- of place objectives. We tried to exemplifyBILL BROOKSaverage dwell times at the airport. Fentress Architects used thisFlorida in the design of the building and the transparency of the building, Fentress explains. Ticketing and arrivals areas are flush with glass, giving travelers full views of the Florida sun and sky. Time for a Systems Update A skylight runs along the concourse Boulevard to provide daylight and is treated Making Roadways Work for Runways with different shades of glass in the skylight panels. This gives a dapple light effect, reminiscent of light spilling through an orange orchard, says Fentress.J.C. Arteaga, HNTBs architect of record for Data-Enabled Roadway Monetization Terminal C, adds that the Boulevard provides intuitive wayfinding for both arriving and Ultra-Ecient Ground Transportation departing passengers. Its something you hardly need any signs for, heJ.C. ARTEAGAsays.Streamlined Curbside TNC Ops Interior colors were selected from the palette of the local landscape, including greens and blues of the ocean. They are additional hints that youre in Florida, Hands-Free Automated Parking Fentress remarks. Airports should be unique, and an extension of the place they are in, he adds. [As travelers] we go to different places to see July | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'