b'62 GSP MARKETINGGreenville-Spartanburg Intl Produces Podcasts to Showcase Airport and RegionBY VICTORIA SOUKUPFACTS&FIGURESGreenville-Spartanburg InternationalAirport staff developed Airport (GSP) focuses on movingthe new marketing Project: Broadcasting Podcasts people and cargo 365 days a year.vehicle in-house during Location: Greenville-Spartanburg (SC) Intl Airport Last year, the Upstate South Carolina airportthe early phases of the Podcast Title: Carolina Traveler entered a new arenabroadcastingwhen itpandemic, when air Distribution: Content is uploaded to about 20launched Carolina Traveler, a podcast abouttravel throughout the different directories including Apple Podcasts, Googlethe airport and region.country was at record Podcasts & Spotify Since its debut in February 2021, thelows. COVID was reallySCOTT CARRAudience: Visitors & area residents now-weekly segment has attracted a localthe impetus for this On-Air Host: Airport Communications Manager and national following with more than 3,000project, says Scott Carr, who up until late downloads. This July, GSP will upload itsMay served as the airports vice president of Launched: Feb. 2021 Commercial Business and Communications. Current Frequency: Weekly 50th episode. We wanted to connect with travelers who Start-Up Costs: $1,500 Airport officials consider the broadcastingmay or may not be traveling during the Ongoing Expenses: $20 per month for uploadingventure a great low-cost initiative that helpspandemic, to ensure they keep GSP relevant service by Buzzsprout maintain contact with current and potentialand top-of-mind.Key Benefits: Showcasing airport; promoting regionalcustomers. Start-up costs are estimated atThe message they want to communicate: events & attractions; keeping in touch with customers$1,500, and GSP pays $20 per month for hosting services.You may not be traveling today or tomorrow, (especially during COVID pandemic)July | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'