b'OPERATIONSTVC 43for Klein throughout his 11-year tenure as director at TVC. During that time, the airports list of non-stop destinations has increased from six to 17, and he fully expects it to grow even more. As an authority, we have the ability to offer more marketing incentives than before, he explains. The airport and its service development consultantsMead & Hunt, assisted by The Boyd Groupare enthused about their new recruiting tools, including fee waivers and funds to help carriers market their new routes. Previously, the commission could not spend airport revenue for advertising. Now, the airport can join area businesses and local tourism organizations to help promote new air service. Since the governance change last October, the airport has not landed a new carrier or additional routes. But Klein and other airport executives remain optimistic. As for Costco, it is now TVCs largest non-aeronautical tenant. The store built on airport land opened in fall 2017 and has been selling giant bottles of condiments and commercial-size packs of toilet paper ever since. In someThe recent governance change helps Cherry Capital cases, customers are driving from six hours away. accommodate long-term leases on airport land.Increase Your Operational Excellence.Strategic Planning.Policy Analysis.Governance Review and Transfers. Performance Benchmarking.Executive Recruitment and HR Services.www.BaldwinLLC.cominfo@baldwinllc.com518-478-6321AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'