b'48 OKC TERMINALSit would be better to make the new concourse wider. We didntor other needed spaces. It became more and more apparent mirror the west concourse, says Keith. Instead, we hung athat we just needed to stick this on the other end of the building concourse on the east thats a little different shape. and make it the center focus, because the next expansion as we The new shape, he explains, allowed the airport to add moremove into the future, whenever that comes, is going to have to features, including the observation gallery and space for ango to the east, Keith explains. international holdroom in the future. All of those things kind ofWhen airport officials met with the design team at beginning fell out of doing a lot of planning work upfront to create the rightof the project, they made it clear they wanted to transform OKC shape that integrates well on our east side, Keith reflects.from a good regional airport into a standout facility for business The airport considered adding the new consolidatedand leisure travelers alike. We tried to take that approach and checkpoint to the existing West Concourse, but options theredevelop a really world-class experience in the new wingand were impractical, expensive and would infringe on ticket countersmake the space feel like it really belongs to the community, says HOKs Jenkinson. Designers wanted the expansion to feel like it was very much a part of the existing terminal without being a direct copy, so they took cues for materials and use of daylight from the existing building. They specified local stone throughout the new addition and updated the flooring from tile to terrazzo to establish the East Concourse as the modern wing of the airport. It is appropriately contemporary to react to the industry of today and the needs of the airport, Jenkinson says. The design team also took energy efficiency into consideration. We did a lot of energy modeling to make sure that we were right-sizing the equipment for efficiency, says Mark Timbrook, FSB Architects + Engineers aviation project principal.Designers studied the suns orientation to help determine where to use glazing and leverage the natural daylight versusMARK TIMBROOKA CTURE D R AND E TRY L E A BLISH E where to specify solid U FI N B D S A D T D materials. We positioned what we call an U SI IN D N N oculus, or a lightwell, above the town square toA ETN GHM E I harvest natural daylight, Jenkinson notes. U S O L L A 9A N S E S 3S TIO E DTIM 1 3U To future-proof the new concourse, architects made the facility easy to expand, The Arena 51 Series from Ex-Cell Kaiser is without the need to decommission or manufactured for the BOLD.demolish significant parts of the existing building. Its a sustainable approach to Customize your units with an indoor or outdoor lid,long-term development through planning, custom power coated paint colors,Jenkinson remarks.detailed laser graphic logos, and more!In addition to building a new concourse, Visit our website www.ex-cell.comOKC remodeled approximately 21,000 to get a custom quote on the NEW Arena 51 today. square feet of its existing space to relocate an elevator in the ticketing lobby that had been considered an obstruction for years. July | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'