b'OPERATIONSDAL 53ownership companies, he adds. NetJets flies into all 37 of the airports we service, and we do $28 million in total billings from them alone, says Breen. We just send them one bill based on their operations at each airport.Looking ahead, he predicts that business jet operationsand associated billings for landing feesare likely to increase. Business jet sales are soaring after the COVID pandemic; manufacturers cant make enough of them, he says. We expect that billings from this segment of the industry will increase at Love Field and at our other client airports.According to Hughes, the new billing system is already helping boost DALs balance sheet. Just collecting landing fees since 2019 has been a big difference, she says. Better yet, we now are assured of getting nearly 100% of all the landing fees owed to us. The less-apparent benefit of using the automated system is relieving internal burdens associated with collecting landing fees. I figure it has saved us thousands of manpower hours, enabling these people to devote their energies to other matters, Hughes explains.The program has been so successful at DAL, the airport extended its contract with Vector by five years last March. As we anticipate steady growth for the next few years, a smooth, efficient billing process in the future will be very beneficial, Hughes concludes. The airport outfitted its three major taxiways with camera pods. Aircraft Fee Billing & Collection ServiceMore Revenue, Faster Proven Results Our ClientsPLANEPASS is Vectors turn-key technology- 99.6% COLLECTIONVectors PlanePass service more thandriven service for billing & collecting aircraft SUCCESS RATE pays for itself in increased revenuefee revenue. The PLANEPASS system and cost savings at the airport.and team do all the work, requiring no $130MAIRCRAFT Mark Duebner - Director of Aviation, time or effort from airport or FBO staff. FEES COLLECTED Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)planepass.com | sales@vector-us.com | +1 703-817-7777AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'