b'OPERATIONSTVC 41human resources and IT. All 26 airport staff members were commission employees, not county employees. The city did provide police and fire coverage for the airport on a contract basis and continues to do so despite the recent ownership and governance change. Currently, TVC, its airlines and other tenants have 400 direct employees and another 2,000indirect employees. The airports annual economic impact in 2019 was estimated at $1 billion.The conclusion of the study by StevenFACTS&FIGURES Baldwin Associates indicated that it was no longer advantageous for TVC to be managedProject: Ownership & Governance Changeby the two-country commission. SubsequentLocation: Cherry Capital AirportTraverse dealings with Costco further validated theCity, MIneed for change. While developing the2020 Passenger Volume: 602,626 total lease agreement, it became apparent thatpassengers (record high) the airports 1990-era governance was notScheduled Carriers: Allegiant; American compatible with associated current FAA grantAirlines; Delta Air Lines; United Airlines requirements. Klein notes that at a minimum,Previous Status: Since 1990, airport had the commissions bylaws would have neededbeen owned by 2 local counties & operated by to change to help facilitate funding for thetheir bi-county commission important development. Current Status: Owned & operated by Airport leadership consequently spent twoairport authority with 9-member board that includes 5 community representativesyears and held more than 10 public hearings with various surrounding governments toOfficial Changeover: Oct. 2021Steven Baldwin hadmake sure the recommended change was theConsultant for Governance/Ownership advised GRR and the stateappropriate step. Baldwin says that gatheringChange: Steven Baldwin Associatesaviation board on the sameconsensus typically doesnt take so long, butAir Service Development Consultants: matter just a few yearsCOVID-related governmental shutdowns andMead & Hunt, assisted by The Boyd Group before.associated limitations on public meetings Ultimately, TVC becameslowed the pace.Current Capital Project: Parking Lot the second airport toAfter the consultants two-year study andExpansionleverage the new state law.STEVEN BALDWIN nearly two years of vetting the concept withScope: Adding 424 spaces to 1,000-spot lotMoreover, it was the first tostakeholders, TVCs ownership and governanceCost: $2.1 millionalso transfer ownership of the associated land.change officially took effect in October 2021.Engineer: Prein & NewhofIn GRRs case, the county retained ownershipGeneral Contractor: Elmers Crane & Dozerof the airport land and only the managementNew Power, New Peoplechanged.With its new governance, the airport wasConstruction: Nov. 2021 - June 2022Steven Baldwin Associates services at TVCrequired to establish a zoning board. State included a two-year study to assess the potentiallaw empowers the authority to control all of itsCurrent Development Project: New benefits and disadvantages of an ownershipproperty without oversight of the local planningHangarand governance change. In the midst of theand zoning authorities. Owner: Avflightstudy, it became apparent that TVC was alreadyThe airport consequently created a seven- Size: 15,000 sq. ft.operating as if it were an authority. member zoning board. Four members alsoStatus: Construction began in April 2022We were self-sufficient and stand-alone,serve on the authority board; the other three Klein explains, noting that neither countyare planners from key local communities. ThatFuture Capital Project: Terminal provided taxpayer funds to support airporttrio will now have an important voice in shapingExpansionoperations or capital projects. airport development, Klein points out. Phase 1: 5 additional gatesOne of the advantages of a commission isThe new zoning board became effectiveProjected Cost: $100 millionthe shared resources of the host counties, hethis past February and is now writing zoningPhase 2: 5 more new gatesadds. In our case, they were not doing that. regulations and creating a zoning map for TVCs non-aeronautical land. The authority board willProjected Cost: $120 millionCase in point: TVC did not rely on eitherthen act on the zoning rules. The goal is to haveEngineer: Mead & Huntcounty to provide support services, such asthe new code in place by Aug. 1. Anticipated Construction: 2025AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'