b'TERMINALSMCO 15this tech-forward combination will not only make gate operations safer and more efficient, it is also expected to contribute to MCOsArchitects opted for transparent materials to environmental sustainability goals. Its really going to give thecapitalize on Orlandos sun and sky. airport a good view of the ramp, how to manage the ramp and operate the aircraft, he explains. It will decrease fuel costs for airlines, and passengers will enjoy getting into the terminal and out into Florida faster.Constructing the ComplexRuohomaki acknowledges that managing the epic project, especially during the COVID pandemic, has been extraordinary. During construction, an average of 1,500 people worked on the terminal complex each day, and sometimes crews swelled to 2,000 workers. Brooks gives a major shout out to the airport for not missing a single day of construction during the beginning of COVID-19. The practices put into place for social distancing, masking,It takes a tremendous amount of collaboration, communication hand washing, sanitizing and physical gatherings were all tightlyand cooperation to make that happen, agrees Brooks. Having managed and led to that success, he says.us colocated on the same campus has been the main conduit that allowed that to happen. Its been a well-orchestrated team effort, stresses Ruohomaki, specifically crediting leadership from the Aviation Authority board Although the projects greenfield site helped minimize impact and cooperation from MCO stakeholder departments such asto current operations, substantial work had to be done to prepare Operations, Security, Information Technology, etc.the land. IAH - Houston 25 LAX - Los AngelesYEARS ASTHE LEADER IN AIRPORT DESIGNfentressarchitects.comDEN - Denver MCO - OrlandoAirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'