b'CONCESSIONSLAX 19and beverage concession operator within the industry.We are certainly supportive of all manners of inclusion, but most notably we want to see principalsowner/operators of small businessesparticipating in the airport, Salzman explains. As the prime commercial developer and manager at LAX, the company works to bring together a diverse mix of concepts and business owners, he adds.What we saw in this deal was a prime opportunity for Greg [Plummer] to emerge from a minority investor to an owner/operator, Salzman continues. We knew it was going to be an amazing success story that was perfectly aligned with our vision of how we would like to see the terminals that we operate be executed.He notes that Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Airports supported Plummers move by being flexible about timelines, receivables and specific financial obligations.We saw this as a very important deal, Salzman emphasizes, noting the unique aspect of a large prime operator being bought PHOTO: COURTESY OF URW-AIRPORTS out by its ACDBE partner. It is an amazing success story because you often see it the other way, where ACDBEs get bought out by the prime. That is what got our attention. And then it was just a matter of working with Greg [Plummer], SSP and LAWA [Los Angeles World Airports] to get the deal done.Airport BackingAs the airports owner But when SSP approached PlummerMike Salzman,and operator, LAWA was about selling his 25% stake in the jointgroup director offully onboard. LAWA Chief venture, Plummer immediately declined.Unibail-Rodamco- Executive Officer Justin And then promptly flipped the script.Westfield Airports,Erbacci reports that the reports that theauthority did everything Acting on gut instinct, Plummer askedproposal from for the opportunity to buy out his 75%it could to make the Plummer quicklytransition seamless as majority partner. Having worked most ofreceived theMIKE SALZMAN JUSTIN ERBACCImy adult career in other airports and LAX,Enjoy Repeat took over corporations fullSSPs assets at LAX. I knew I loved this airport, he explains. Isupport. This transaction is really believed business would eventually comeemblematic of URWs approach toWe have a very concerted effort to try to back, and I didnt really even think aboutinclusion, he explains.increase the participation of ACDBEs at our it. I just kind of reacted.airport, Erbacci says, adding that increasing On a personal level, Salzman wasparticipation of disadvantaged business Enjoy Repeat and SSP agreed inpleased to watch Plummer evolve from short order to work toward Plummersenterprises across all business facets at LAX a 25% joint venture partner to the 100%is important. goal of achieving full ownership ofowner in a historic transactionthe their previously shared portfolio. Next,first airport concessions disadvantagedTo that end, LAWA has an internal ACDBE Plummer called on Unibail-Rodamco- business enterprise (ACDBE) to takeworking group that partners with the Airport Westfield Airports to lobby for its supportover the entire portfolio of a major foodMinority Advisory Council (AMAC) and the of the brewing transaction. Urban League.AirportImprovement.comJuly | August 2022'