b'60 LGA | YYZ INFO TECHNOLOGY Patel directly links the project to the airports commitment toexplains. Like LGAs Terminal B, YYZ anonymously measures improving the passenger experience through increased efficiency.passenger movements 24 hours a day through ceiling-mounted We leveraged what was the best-in-class software available in thesensors. The real-time information collected is then used to market to help optimize check-in at Canadas largest airport, hemonitor operational performance and track overall passenger remarks. The The Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) hasbehavior trends throughout the check-in process.worked closely with Xovis to adapt the technology to help us betterIf we see a specific check-in area where an airline has understand passenger flow, check-in utilization and throughputprolonged wait times or passenger throughput is not where it along with processing times and physical distancing metrics toneeds to be, we can use the data to engage in very productive support a safe and healthy airport experience during the pandemic. conversations with our airline customers for proactive changes to The Ontario airport uses the software to improve the passengerbe made, says Patel. experience by finding efficiencies in the airport journey, PatelA good example of this is when we began noticing passengers 041522-airportimprovementad.pdf 1 4/15/2022 1:02:11 PMwere regularly arriving early to check-in at a specific airline. We saw long lineups build before the check-in even opened or airline staff arrived. Its this type of information that were able to utilize and work with our airline customers to have meaningful dialogue and influence a change in how the operation works.The Xovis system has also provided key safeguards for guests and staff during the COVID pandemic. The detailed tracking data not only allowed staff to maintain a birds-eye view of the check-in area 24/7 while working remotely elsewhere, it also identified areas where guests were not maintaining enough distance from each other. Patel notes that having the new system did not change daily operations, but it allowed C YYZ to implement extra safety measures while M serving guests during a challenging time. The Y software also identified specific areas within the terminal where corrective action was needed to CMhelp guests maintain proper distancing. MYThrough this software, we created a scale CY system that measured the bottleneck areas CMY where passengers were congregating too K close together, he explains. This physical distance indicator told us when there were hotspots in the terminal, and where we could respond to have our terminal operations team or airlines make appropriate changes. This was extremely helpful during the pandemic.Based on the systems successful use at check-in areas for terminals 1 and 3, YYZ expanded the passenger tracking software into areas for international-to-domestic transfers and connections, which opened in Learn more about thethe second half of 2021. 2022 ACI-NA Annual Conference and Exhibition at www.airportscouncil.org Software SolutionsUnderstanding and managing passenger flow within terminals has been, and will continue to July | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'