b'14 MCO TERMINALShelps the airport have more satisfied passengers and increasesdomestic flights are the Aviation Authoritys two main strategies to airport capacity and capability, Ran summarizes.achieve this crucial objective. Synect worked with MCO officials to determine placementRuohomaki notes that common-use technology will help MCO and timing strategies for digital information, based on passengerstay flexible as airlines and operations change. One thing is for habits and flow through the facility. There are many passengersure: The airline industry is always changing and evolving, he profiles, says Ran. The most basic is arrivals and departures,muses.but then you go further to a certain airline, certain destination,A raised access floor system will allow the new terminal to independent or requires assistance, business or leisure traveler.adapt as technology and operations evolve. We may not know Visual communications systems like Passenger360 contributeexactly what will happen, but the airport is ready for change and to the modern feel of an airport and can impact the wayis always looking for ways to adapt and build future capacity into passengers travel and perceive value, he adds. I think with thethe program now, says Meier (from Burns Engineering). new terminal in Orlando, passengers will find the journey to beAdditional operational efficiencies will be supported with part of the vacation, he remarks. Not something theyto goautomated lanes at the TSA checkpoint, facial recognition through just because they have to fly. for passenger identification/verification and e-gates for both Ran notes that digital visual communication systems are highlyinternational and domestic departures. An automated queue scalable, and beneficial for airports of all sizes. The contributionmanagement system will report real-time data to the airport and to business success is significant, he says.TSA to allow them to adjust and accommodate dynamically.Notably, MCOs Terminal C will be the first airport-operated Operational Issuesramp in the United States to use a 100% virtual system for Improving the efficiency and flexibility of operations was anothercontrolling the ramp with a series of strategically placed cameras. primary goal for the project. Common-use systems throughoutIn a similar vein, a visual docking guidance system will help the terminal and swing gates capable of handling international oraircraft park at gates to load/unload passengers. Meier notes that Orlando International Airport:South Terminal Complex Aireld DesignCongratulations to the City of Dunsmuir and the Greater Orlando Airport Authority on the success of these projects that are making a positive impact in the communities they serve.To learn more, please visit www.kimley-horn.com/aviation or contact our National Aviation Practice Leads:J.J. Mortonarthur.morton@kimley-horn.com312.212.8487Carlos Maeda Dunsmuir Municipal-Mott Airport: carlos.maeda@kimley-horn.com Runway 14-32 Reconstruction321.438.6647Pam Keidel-Adamspam.keidel-adams@kimley-horn.com480.207.2670July | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'