b'34 EWN EMERGENCY RESPONSE The building also features an air-scrubber system to exhaustIt accelerates from zero to 50 miles per fumes created by vehicles idling in the apparatus bays. Pencehour in less than 25 seconds, reports RJ notes that the new system clears the air much more effectivelyJones, manager of U.S. government and than natural ventilation.airport products sales for E-ONE. It can The building itself was constructed out of concrete blockssplit power between the drivetrain and the for strength, but designers added a brick-clad exterior thatpumping system, which enables it to pump matches the terminal to create a cohesive appearance. White trimmaterial from the turret while climbing up a made out of concrete reinforced with glass fibers was added to50% grade. RJ JONESaccentuate the windows and doors. We call that pump-and-roll capability, where you can drive and It looks like pre-cast concrete, but its much lighter andpump at same time, he continues. Planes dont always crash detailed differently, Pence remarks. on a runway, so you need that off-road capability to cross ditches and navigate various terrains. This truck will go where most Designers considered local availability and economy ofwheeled vehicles cannot.construction when selecting the building materials. Durability and low maintenance requirements were key factors for both interiorThe vehicle also features a low-attack bumper turret called and exterior finishes, he says. the Rhino. Jones notes that it can be lowered as much as 16 inches down to the center of the turret, which provides Advanced Truck Technology considerable advantages.The airport took delivery of its new Titan P801 4x4 vehicle fromIf you have to attack a fire under a wing, the turret can reach E-ONE in August 2020. The $750,000 investment is powered by athat very easily, he explains. Also, when youre attacking a fuel 670-horsepower diesel engine and can hold 1,600 gallons of water,fire from a lower position, it doesnt disturb the foam as much. 225 gallons of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) and 500 poundsThats important because the foam is designed to create a film of dry chemicals.over a fuel fire to cool it down and reduce oxygen access.Make Annual FAA CerticationInspections Easier for You ANDInspectorsStreamline your data to easily meet regulatory requirementsManage compliance by giving access to virtual sharing of records and compliance documentsUpload required documents for employees and inspectors to reviewCreate specified dashboards for inspectors Tie in work orders, airfield inspections, discrepancy reporting and much moreLearn More:veoci.com/faa veociJuly | August 2022AirportImprovement.com'